Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cow-Lick Dilemma!

I was told, almost a year ago, in hair dresser speak, oh that style is so 2 years ago! I have had long hair since I came out of the womb. Lucky for me I do not have the super long two side ponytail picture for you from when I was seven! I feel comfortable with long hair. Maybe I have always felt like I could hide behind my hair if I want, whoa that was is a bit psychological. Back to the hair at head...hand.

It was time for a change...not a big one...just an updated one...a sassy one...a sexy one. The "I'll have long layers with a bit of a taper in the front" was over! He was going to do the new whispy layered hollywood look. I loved it when he was done. But he moved and then I moved so there was no more stylish whispy celebrity hair to be had for his $25 price tag he was the owner of the salon...for 15 years...Ty where are you?

Last time I got it cut, Ms. Seasonal Beach Bum hair cutter, at the beach, did not seem to be in touch with her sexy sassy hollywood side. The cut was so two and a half years ago. Back to my point. I have always had my hair long except when I got it cut on our honeymoon five year ago. See below. I never thought I was a good candidate for short hair but if styled right now that I look back maybe it didn't look terrible.

We are such dorks! But we're in love! Still newlyweds :)

Quick story: Everyone always thinks we are so young! Honeymoon story to come in another post, called kids and almost got arrested, so we'll be out and Hubby will say in a loud voice, "I can't wait to go to prom together!"

I'm going to do it this week!! I need a fresh new cute cut, I wear it back too much, because it's easy and fast.

Oh the cow-lick dilemma, yes, everyone with short/medium short hair seems to have bangs. Well with my cow-lick and a picture of me with bangs from junior high says, whoa think twice about bangs. But maybe it'll work now? With the swoopy side swept bangs? And not only that but I usually wear my hair behind my ears because I think it looks funny otherwise and it gets in my face. Maybe if I have the new do it'll be ok...I'm looking at medium or medium short something cute!?

1. 2.

3. 4.


6. 7.

Ok, what do you think? Vicky (might be a little short for me), Julia, Random posed woman, Jessica (with both sides being the same length), Nicole, or Eva (for the doesn't really seem like an updated do and not parted in the middle, not everyone can pull off a middle part), or Gorgeous Blond if it would actually look like that? I'm open to ideas or more pics!!

Ok, this is the non-straightened, frizzy because of a horrid perm that I got in high school, my hair has never been the same since, hair.

Send help!


Renee said...

I really like your hair in the honeymoon photo!

Lora Lynn said...

Julia - an inch or two longer if you prefer it. Go for it!

Lauren said...

I like Eva's hair... #6! Y'all kind of resemble each other... I think it would be too cute!

HisTreasuredPossession said...

You guys were very cute newlyweds - love the "kid"'s the sweetness of being married young! for hair, i'm stuck too. I go on Friday and am debating on what to do. Short is cute but it sure does need work. And it's pretty spendy to keep up. Maybe you can keep it long and just put in some highlights? Kids keep us pretty busy. But I just think you and your man need to be the ones to decide! I love all the above! This is how much help I am ;-)

The Farmer Files said...

So who is cutting it this time?!?!? Are you going to take your camera?!?!

I left you a little something on my blog.

Joelle said...

great idea for a post! i think something between #6 and #7 would be great for you! i think if you use a flat iron you'll really like the way it looks. i definitely think the key is get it past your chin. but, i think you will (still) be beautiful with any of the new looks!

Bethany said...

I like Julia's do...that would look so cute on you! I have been itching to update mine as well, I'll be sure to keep you posted :)

Audrey said...

I like the Eva Longoria one...because I think it has the highest potential at first glance. Also, if you feel it's not enough of a 'leap', you can always go shorter to one of the other 'dos!

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

I'm a big fan of Charlize Theron's cut...but you would definitely have to use a Chi iron to get the smooth! Any of them would be good...

I don't feel comfortable with short hair for some reason but I look at your honeymoon pic and thought you looked great!

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Ok, is it just me or in picture #7 of Charlize...did they only do her eye makeup on one eye?! (my right, her left)

ARK said...

I like all the styles but really like 6 or 7 best, I don't know if you have seen DH and would never admit to watching it but if you did, last season her hair was adorable, longer than in the pic and long layers more...the bottom line, do what you think you want and like the best and don't worry what any hairdresser says. My hairdresser hates that I won't let him cut my hair but you know I like long hair and I really don't care what the style is or what anyone thinks of it, not too many things once you are a mom are about YOU and what YOU want so go for what you desire and know that hair or lack of hair doesn't make you beautiful you are already beautiful I think on the outside and it is because of what you are inside, it just seeps out of you girl! I can't wait until Friday! You have so motivated and inspired me! love ya M:)

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

You girls rock, thanks for you comments!

R-I have no idea who's cutting it this time...a little worried about that :)

Amy-You are so right, first of all I did not even realize that was Charlize but yes! she doesn't have makeup on her right eye! Am I a complete dork or what is a Chi iron? I usually do a straightener except in the "fantastic" photo in this post (when I'm not lazy, which means I haven't straightened it very much recently) :)

Anonymous said...


Famiglia Grande said...

I vote #3 or #7. They both look relatively low maintenance and not too drastic. And then if you like them - you could advance to #1 or 2.

Megan said...

Boy, sad yet again that we did not discuss longer the hair thing... I love 6! I vote for 6!!!!

Masker # 7 said...

Yikes-I'm late putting in my vote but I like Eva's #6 style for your face/hair. But, what's up with C's makeup on just one eye. Strange! Anyway, I may steal your idea and take a picture of Eva to my next hair appointment! I know I need a fresh look but can't seem to get organized enough to book a baby sitter AND a hair appointment. Sigh...trials of motherhood!

Anonymous said...

Hi I too have the same dilemma as you. I have a double cow lick in my hair and there is NO WAY of getting rid of it! Do not get your bangs cut side I did that and not it seems as though I always need to pin them back or part it so it just looks like two normal long bangs. I recommend you try a medium style. let them cut it just a little below the shoulders ask for lots of layers and make sure you get them to use there special scissors that define it. Thinning I think it is called? They will know the proper name. some lighter brown or even darker blond steaks would look good in you hair as well

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