Friday, August 29, 2008

AccBLOGability Friday!

Today is Friday! You know what that means! AccBLOGability Fridays! If you missed the intro just click here for AccBLOGability Buddies, here, and here. Please feel so very free to join in anytime!!!

There are three areas that we are going to help each other in, each week, by staying accountable, or being an encourager, through comments :)

1. Reading God's Word,
2. Eating well, and
3. Exercising

You can pick one or two to work on or all three! Whatever you need!

Here's how I did this week:

1. Reading God's Word: Still working on it. I am still trying to figure out when my best time is. I love that several of our friends have been memorizing verses (The Farmer Files has a cute way). And His Treasured Possession has written some great things about staying in the Word!

2. Eating Well: Still eating at home most of time. Have definitely had some of those lazy nights where I am so tired to make dinner that we have just thrown in a frozen pizza. But wait, Hubby has a great way of thinking about this, maybe because I totally want to eat it :), but he says that getting a pizza from the grocery store (we have found one that has pretty good ingredients and is not that bad for you :)) is still better than ordering a pizza or getting fast food. Isn't that great justification? One night I put some ground beef that I had left over from another dish that I had made and threw on some mushrooms and it was great! I love the frozen pizza nights! I need a little lunch help though, I have sort of been scrounging. I'll make baby some veggies, a protein, grain, and some fruit. But I'll just search for anything I can quickly find and shove in my face. Any quick yummy lunches that you've found??

3. Exercising: Ok, so I only made it through one half of a cheesy Den!se Aust!n firm bum yoga. Come on lift 'em, for a round, lifted, toned buttox, that you'll love! So the next day I took some things I learned and did then while I watched tv for a few minutes. And I dropped down and did some sit ups and push ups a couple days too. And I thought I needed a little bit of cardio so I fake jump roped in place or a few minutes, yes I looked like a complete dork our own living room!

How did you awesome girls do???

Happy Friday and I hope you get to do something relaxing and fun this weekend!


The Farmer Files said...

1. In the Word: Trying to fulfill my read through the Bible in a year. I am back on track, back on June 25. This is a once in a lifetime commitment. This Daily Bible is written chronologically (so Kings is interspersed with Chronicles and Isiah). I am just letting my yes be yes on this one. I won't commit to this again. At least not to this Bible. I SO miss my study Bible.
2. Eating: I am doing the South Beach by day and my favorite ice cream by night, until the carton is gone.
3. Exercising: Choosing to walk the harder way with the mile and a half uphill on the return. I figure it should do something for my glutes. Cuz I like to ignore them. ;)

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Hi there! I am thinking of the Taco Soup I posted about...I bet you could put it in the crock pot on low but I never have. Let me know if you do! Also if you use the 2% cheese I think it's a pretty healthy recipe. Lots of fiber with the beans and very filling without being too fatty. Have a great weekend!

HisTreasuredPossession said...

Tip for the week for Bible study:

Okay girls, if you missed "the farmer files" on memorizing Psalm 23 click on D's link on this Post. But I'll share what I find helpful for me (besides doing my morning walk/talk time with Jesus and my memory verses)

In your reading for the day (and this of course will work best when done in the a.m.), find a verse (or more) that really stands out, means something, speaks to you. Write in on a 3x5 card, use colored pencils to write the words or make symbols by important words. For instance, on Heb 1:3 I made a picture of a son by the word "The Son is the radiance..." This way, I have a visual for both Son and radiance. Again, find one that means something in your daily reading. I've found that it's SOOOO much hard to memorize something when I can't pray in over my life or have a reason to "need" it that day. I pray you all continue to pursue Him! He's CRAZY ABOUT YOU!!

Sandy Toes said...

Thank you I needed that posting...I can usually do two out of the the three things you wrote but one really goes down the wayside. It is hard...but I really think reading God's word is so important....eating good and exercising gives us strength and endurance...great encouragement...thank you!
-Sandy Toes

audreyo said...

I got a gym membership. Haven't skipped a night in the last 10 days except for my class night. However, may not be taking my workouts as seriously as I should as I tend to bring reading material (Solshenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago, Culture Matters, etc....).

As for quick, healthy lunches, here are a few I've relied on recently:

Tuna tuna tuna - can be made lower fat. Good with Wasa whole grain crisp bread crackers! Canned salmon or canned chicken breast are good substitutes.
Also good with Wasa for protein/grain lunch: Hummus of all kinds (drool). Hummus is a baby fave around here too.
Add some fruit or carrot sticks and you're on your way.

A working mom said...

Funny, I was thinking tuna too. I made tuna with quinoa and a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar the other day. throw in some peas or leafy greens and it's a lovely salad. I also do this with chicken. Roast a chicken and then use the meat for the week (actually you mentioned this a couple postings ago and I tried it and loved it). Bible time has been OK, daily but more of a ritual thing than a heart thing. My heart has had a hard week.
Exercise was OK too. But then again I found out that little guy weighs over 26 LBS so I think I work out more than I think do ;-)

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