Friday, August 8, 2008

AccBLOGability Buddies

I have a proposition to make. Come on keep reading, it's good stuff! Now that we are on our way to being settled, I really need to do a better job of exercising and eating better...again.

When Hubby and my paths first crossed, he was Mr. Eat Healthy, exercise everyday, could run ten miles without even breaking a sweat. I, on the other hand, was raised loving candy and sweets, yes eating vegetables and regular meals too, but there was no organic, no low sugar cereals, lol; I was exercising by rollerblading (yeah baby), some basketball, occasional frisbee and other outdoor games, I did my share of sit-ups and push ups, and other daily activities like that but if I ran to the mailbox I'd be huffing and puffing.

After we were wed, Hubby won me over to the even healthier side of life. With some interference of sweets and such from my side oozing out, sorry about that Babe. We went back and forth over the years from eating really times well t0 letting too many sweets back into the house times.

(I love sweets! I need help! Lots of help!)
When we moved into our single family in VA, I started running...jogging...well a mix of that and walking...and huffing and puffing, with Hubby. I started out not even being able to run a mile (I was serious when I said I couldn't run down to the mailbox--even with being an active person :)), had to walk a little, then run again. By the summer before BabyBoy was born, I was able to run five miles several times a week, almost everyday at times. We joined a gym and were working out, it was good stuff. I felt really good too. Oh part of the reason for the huffing and puffing was because of a little bit of asthma so conveniently brought on by allergies or exercise. But after time, it really did get much better!
(This is what I looked like while I ran...except I wasn't at the beach most of the time...I didn't wear a bikini with a flowy shirt on...and I wear my hair up, it would just get in the way!)

Subsequently, life happened, I mean good life, but that included two bed rests and more) and I have not done much of anything for...way too long!

I will not admit (unless I am looked in the words and asked) how many times I have eaten fast food or how many sweets a day I have been partaking of. I will not even try to defend myself, we all have reasons, and you can probably guess some of mine :)

Here is where my proposition comes in. I need to start eating better and exercising more! I would love for anyone reading this blog (thanks for reading, love you :-)) to join in as AccBLOGability Buddies to help each other in our quest to feel good, to feel better about ourselves, to lose 1 pound, 2 pounds, to tone up, just for the heck of it, for more energy, to do something for yourself, to share with your friends or future blogging friends your successes or struggles, to uplift others trying to do better to! If you are already eating amazingly and exercising like a fiend, join along too, you can give everyone tips too!

So here's what we could do. Every week, what day would you like, Friday?, I will start off with a post about my progress for the week--food and exercise. (I am only doing this if someone else participates, ha) You comment below with how you have been doing during the week. You can share as much or as little as you like. If you have suggestions for us as to how you are succeeding, we want to hear them! We can even share healthy recipes too!

Anything counts. It is never too little. If you resisted the world's smallest peanut butter cup one week or you made dinner/leftovers at home every night, it all counts. If you chased your child/children around the room in circles for the day, definitely counts!

If you are "preparing" to have a little one, that counts too! You don't have to comment about that one :) And, if you did one sit up or walked two extra steps (not to the freezer for ice cream people) that counts!

Anyone up for the challenge??? I'd love the company too!


Lora Lynn said...

ugh. I know. I'm looking at the bed rest in front of me and I know I've got to behave myself food wise, not over-do it physically, and yet keep my muscles and my body from becoming so weak and blobby that I have hard time recovering from delivering a baby. This is really a big prayer request of mine, so I'm glad you brought it up. I will post what small victories I am having on the bed rest front!

The Farmer Files said...

I will leave you Friday comment love. :)

Masker # 7 said...

Well, of course I'll join you! I can't say no to healthy habit building! :)
My goal has been to do SOMETHING for exercise every day for the month of August. So far, so good...I've jogged or gymmed every day (unofficially, I aim for 1 hour or 300 calories burned--according to my heart rate monitor).
My other goal is to reduce "screen time" for me and the family...I spend too much time on the computer, to the neglect of other healthy habits (sigh).
Finally, healthy meal planning is on my goal list. I do "okay" here but it's stressful and last minute so I'd like to be more intentional with it.
I suppose I should put this on my blog so I don't leave uber-long comments. We'll figure this out as we go...important thing is to get started! :)
much love!

Emily said...

i read your blog!! aren't you proud!? i even bookmarked it. now don't go crazy and think i'll keep up w/ everyone's daily blogs nor can i imagine myself writing one of my own (am i in the dark ages w/ preferring emails and phone calls?)but this is a step in the right direction :) and speaking of your post, my current plan is to eat as much as possible. gotta enjoy while i can, right? i did walk 1.5 miles yesterday and it was quite impressive to see how much my hands swelled w/ every lap! I had to get out there and enjoy the one below 90 degree day... someday i'll get back in shape! ugh... for now i'll eat pineapple and try not to complain too much about being huge and uncomfortable! p.s. i may have typed my comment twice - i really don't know what i'm doing.

Masker # 7 said...

WHATEVER Emily!! You are SOOOO not huge! I was thinkin' how cute you looked at the pool the other day--not at all swollen! :)


The Dancy Family said...

Can we include time in the Word in our accountability??? I'm currently working on all 3 of these things, so I'm happy for the accountability. Though I must admit that I'd rather work out more so I don't have to give up my "bad" food!

Another Sunny Day said...

Thanks those of you who have responded so far!

LL-you just do some stretches and we'll be right with you :)

R - will love your comments!

Kay - right on girl!

Emily - you are cute and you know it :) (and yay for commenting!)

Kamber - I'm glad you brought that up! I was actually thinking about that too. Let's definitely do it, I need a lot of help with that! I will put all of that in there this Fri. And I'm all about being able to eat! I can't give that up :)

Heather said...

I'd be more than happy to join Rachelle in the posting of the comments!

I already have one good resource for you too - yeah me! A great free website is where you can keep count of how much you eat everyday, how much weight you are losing and also add how much calories you've burned working out (in which case it calculates how much extra calories you can eat)and it keeps track of it all! It is really very cool I promise!

Megan said...

I may not comment weekly, but I am intrigued by this idea of blogged accountability in physical, mental, and spiritual habits.

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