Friday, July 25, 2008

Quick Thoughts, Happenings, and Questions that Need Answers

  1. Waiting for our countertops (other ones were sloped and sink broken) to be installed so we can move into our house for good and start living from closet and not suitcase :) Have been washing dishes in the bathroom.

  2. There is a creature gnawing wood off tops of BabyBoy's crib...think it's BabyBoy :) Does cayenne pepper work for babies?

  3. Suprised Hubby while on a business trip (yes already, was gone for three days last week) by building our other desk! Yeah baby!

  4. Can't figure out how to arrange our living and family rooms, will post pictures and thoughts and will ask/beg for suggestions from you.

  5. If you order sushi from the bar and take it to you tip? And why.

  6. BabyBoy has to wipe off any extra food on his face or mouth but does not mind sleeping or playing in a poopy diaper.

  7. Hubby's scheduling got changed and...We are coming to NOVA from July 31st - Aug 8th and would love to see you!!!


Lora Lynn said...

wondered where you've been! was hoping you were settling in. sounds like it's still lots of limbo. hugs!

come back and twitter with me!

Megan said...

Well, we are also getting unpacked and situated. Also do not know exactly how to arrange our living room. Maybe we can talk about it this weekend! Hope to see you guys soon!

The Farmer Files said...

Please tell me you didn't tipping on takeout!

Renee said...

I always feel guilty for not tipping when I get takeout. I usually don't tip but I feel guilty. Maybe I won't feel guilty next time.

Heather said...

Love the new design and layout! Did you do that while we were on vacation last week? Everything always seems to happen when we are away ;)!

About #7 We'd love to have you over for a play date or dinner while you all are back! Just let us know what days and times work for you!

Thought of you all this afternoon when we were at the Crusade reunion (sniff, sniff).

Lora Lynn said...

love the look!

Mama in Training said...

About #1, just don't pee in the sink and you should be fine. :>

Anonymous said...

Ok so everyone can hate me for this, but I used to work a position called expo at a high-end sushi restaurant and let me tell you something, if you don't tip, that person walks out that night with almost no money. PLEASE TIP ON TAKEOUT, the employees base their salaries on that risk. Wait staff makes $3/hour without tips and those take out orders get processed and prepared by someone just like your dine-in meals. Tipping 5% is totally acceptable since it is a less involved service but tipping nothing is kind of inconsiderate. Just my take on things.

The Farmer Files said...

It totally depends on the restaurant. Who is taking the to go order? Do they pool their tips, for a total, and then divide, and amongst whom do they divide? Does the individual server get the money, splitting some percentage with the person bussing the table? It depends on the fee structure, pay structure, and staff structure of the restaurant. You can't really make an axiom that "not tipping is kind of inconsiderate." We usually only get takeout at our favorite Thai restaurant. The hostess is the manager. She picks up the to go orders from the kitchen and walks them to the cashier. I don't tip because she is the manager. I just called Ruby Tuesday's corporate (because I am a research kinda girl as you know) and they said tipping on take out is up to the individual and not expected. That being said, y'all know the Farmers aren't cheap. We usually tip 20% as the minimum standard at a sit down restaurant. And if my kids have thrown food on the floor, and the waitress has been extra's 25%. And I pick the food up myself, I never leave it. :) But if you tip on take out, well, I am sure you have made someone's evening!

Anonymous said...

You're right, Farmer, it does depend so I stand corrected *and perhaps less ruffled!*, it's just something that always caught in my craw as I seldom got more than my $3/hour when doing take-out as my role for the night. Thanks for the response.

The Felts Family said...

And as far as this take out time, the chef made the food and the waitress ran my check...Thanks for all the input peeps. Keep em' coming :)

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