Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Crib?!

It has been quite sometime since poor little "Big" has slept in his crib. He took a nap in it Tuesday, but the naps Wednesday were quite eventful.

After cuddling for a few minutes in the glider--another very happy and relaxing reunion--I laid BabyBoy in his crib. We enjoy getting some laughs before he goes to sleep, so I bounced the matress just a little--the same level of bounciness is just not there in the pack n play--got a giggle, did it again and got another giggle.

I exited the room but left the door cracked so I could stealthly watch him as he fell asleep; it's been a while...it's not stalking, it's cute. He picked his head up off the matress looked around and then forced a little bounce with his hands and head on the mattress as if to say, My Crib!? He looked around again and bounced with his hands one more time. He then proceeded to stand up in his crib, looked around, and bounced on his feet a couple times.

Meanwhile, I ran, well fast walked, whispering, Hubby Hubby, you have to see this. We were both silently cracking up as to not let the sleeping baby know that we knew he wasn't sleeping :)

Realizing that he was now standing up but wanted in fact to be sleeping he started to cry. Although we know he has done it before, he used to not be able to sit and then lay down by himself, so we debated...do we go in and lay him down and cover him with the blanky--he was shortsless at this point from a very stinky diaper, boy do they penetrate--so he can get some sleep or do we let him "learn" and figure it out because he cannot rely on us to come in everytime he thinks he needs something.

So we went with the learning opportunity (we know he's done it before and we didn't have to go anywhere, with a potentially cranky baby :), we had to think ahead:)).

As he cried for a few seconds, he laid his head on his hands, holding the crib, to try to rest for but a moment. Not more than one or two minutes later, he slowly sat down (not hard enough to trampoline himself, this time), and then laid down. It was so cute and a great learning experience; a double win for Mommy and Daddy. But he was not only now laying on his blanket, but also shortsless; I didn't want him to be cold. So, after all that, I went in and covered him!


audreyo said...

Yay Eitan for remembering your crib AND managing to let yourself down easy in time to snooze! :)

Remarkable stability considering all the changes he's gone through the last couple of months. :-}

Lora Lynn said...

you are such a softie. :-)

I love watching you guys go through all these firsts. I'm so glad you're ENJOYING these moments. Love enjoying them with you.

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