Thursday, July 31, 2008

It'll Be Fine Honey :)

This is what I told my awesome husband when we (that is "we", meaning both of us as one) decided that BabyBoy and I would come with him to NOVA on his business trip this time to visit family and friends.

Our little angel usually flies the mostly friendly skies very well. The first leg of our flight was beautiful. We had plenty of time when we got to our gate to get some food, hang out, and try to get BabyBoy tired before we boarded our "not free to craw or roam" aircraft. Yes, he crawled on the floor at the airport...yes it was gross (we tried to find the cleanest areas)...yes there were many hands washings...yes we had to let him :) Hubby and I took turns following him, ok maybe he did more than me, he's great!

During our rocky take off, swaying here and there, down a little, stomach up a lot, little guy surprisingly smiled and laughed each time his stomach was up at the ceiling of the plane; he is a little thrill seeker. I "fed" him a little into take off and then he went to sleep; though he doesn't nap for long on a plane. (My watch is still in need of a battery, I can't believe I haven't gone completely mad yet.) It would read like an ideal situation--nice murmur of the plane, cool enough, warm enough, snuggly with a blanky--but alas not long naps. He woke up his happy little self, played, ate, played, snacked, played, and landed.

Fast forward to our THREE HOUR LAYOVER in Atlanta (LL too bad you weren't closer). Everything would have gone according to plan if we had gotten right back on a plane (like we usually do) and ditto'd the above. I did pray for our little one to have the energy of his Daddy, and see God does answer prayers people. There was no napping in the airport; too much to see, too much to hear, too much grossness to touch. The only picture I managed to snap was when a little boy wanted to come sit next to us on the floor while he and his Mom waited for their flight. He was so sweet and shared his toys with the baby. (the pic is on my computer...I'm not on my computer, it was super cute though :))

We boarded our plane...late. We were getting situated and switched seats thinking we had time when the stewa...flight attendent came on the loud speaker and said we are ready to take off but cannot do so until every passenger is seated. We said oh no she didn't. Rest of the flight went well.

We are trying to teach BabyBoy to be an extrovert (bc we are not as much as we'd like to be, I get intimidated when I am around very confident people, but I digress) so he did a great job of performing for the people on the plane during the flight and while we were waiting to get off.

The night did not end there though. To baggage claim we went. Then to rent our car we went. But, you have to take a shuttle to the rental place! Onto the shuttle (12am) loaded all our luggage including the enormous carseat backpack of fun. We were the last to unload our 1 1/2 weeks of necessities :) so we were last in line. Heard the rental shpeal too many times, meanwhile BabyBoy wanted so badly to get down but that floor was really gross. He actually did very well all things considered and even without all things considered.

12:45 am we had our car and were almost on our way. As soon as we thought we were clear to go, no no, not yet, we had to fill out the survey first of what marks and scratches were on the car. This is a big deal people, if you don't fill it out they'll charge you for a scratch. :) We had no pen handy, so Hubby went inside to get one. The guy behind the counter hands him a pencil...a pencil?! You can't right on three sheets of carbon copy paper with a pencil :)

I think BabyBoy was in bed by about 1:30am. Poor little guy, tell me we are not doing any permanent damage by him being in so many different places.

It'll be better on the way back honey :) Love you!


The Farmer Files said...

No permanent is great stimulation for the baby. HA!! If you could have only been a fly on the email I sent to Rachel about traveling with babies on cross country flights...I will not post what I wrote her in a public forum, though. Let me just say you have not lived until you have flown coast to coast with an infant as a lap child. And you are practically coast to coast. So you get a shiny, 4D metal star that rotates and spins and glimmers like diamonds.

Heather said...

No worries that he will wind up in a psychiatrists office over this some day, as he will not remember any of it when he is older. All I have to say is that you are brave to take him on such a long flight! After Zach went on his first flight with us when he was almost two I swore we would not take him on another flight until he was five! And that's all I'm gonna say about that unless like Rachelle you would like a private e-mail with more details ;)!

audreyo said...

He won't be phased in the least. :)

Glad you all arrived OK...if not at a more desirable time. Hope to see you some time this week!

Megan said...

Oh when is that return flight!??? We are waiting! We miss you all!

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