Friday, July 11, 2008


Is anyone out there? Ok, people, I'm a little disappointed. We were really looking forward to your fun ideas of tricks to teach the baby...thank you to those of you that did comment. I even have some more posts ready, but was idealistically awaiting your cooky comments. Let's say if you leave a trick then we'll try to teach him and get it on video and post it for you :) How's about that bait?


Masker # 7 said...

okay...I'll bite. How about you teach your little Monkey to say the alphabet--in Greek...or Hebrew-even better! :)

Seriously though, I'd vote for getting that boy in the Signing Time videos! He's adorable! Cassie and I have watched his video several times and she narrates his signs (with your voice turned on mute). If you haven't seen Signing Time yet, get thee to the library (or their website is on my blog)! I just know you and Eitan will love the combination of music and sign language! Cassie is obsessed with it! I'm happy to let her watch THAT sort of television! :)

Lora Lynn said...

How about "go to the fridge and bring Mommy a drink?"

Bethany said...

How about the "itsy bitsy spider" hand movements? But really, I like Lora Lynn's idea better :)

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