Thursday, July 3, 2008

Faith Based Decisions

Faith is often defined as believing in something that you cannot physically see. But we believe that faith is not solely based on faith in the unseen. We have physically seen God's faithfulness to our family. He has always provided a dwelling place, necessities, jobs, the ability to live near family and friends, and a miracle baby. We have had to work hard, but God has been the ultimate provider.

We're sorry for the lack of posts and for this somber post, but we want to let you know what has been going on.

Many of you know that we have been in Virginia for a bit longer than expected--for an unhappy and unexpected reason. We found out at 8 weeks pregnant that we lost our baby.

We have been forced to make some difficult decisions. We have been waiting and waiting to get to our home in AZ. We were originally going at the end of April then stayed for Hubby's job (great things happening, by the way) until the end of June--we went out for a great "working" trip mid-May and then came back for several more weeks. Plan was to go to NC with Hubby's family at the end of June and then drive straight to AZ.

1st appointment was the first week of June-well so far. 2nd appointment was 2 days before we left for NC-sac with no baby. We had to decide whether to just go to AZ and get the next sono there, be in our own house, and try to get settled or stay in VA where things are familiar. We decided to stay with our current doctors who had already been through so much with us with our first pregnancy. So we went to NC to get away--to not just sit and wait and spend time with the family--and then we drove back to VA for the next sono. 3rd appt was this past Monday-still sac but no bean. Our doctor surmized that we lost the baby around 1 week of development but my body was, as he put it, being a good Mommy by still trying to support.

I had the recommended surgery/procedure on Tuesday and we are going to fly out to AZ on Friday. Many many decisions had to happen in between. To have the procedure here, to ship both cars and have Hubby fly with me and the baby, to go to AZ now instead of waiting two more weeks--that I am not supposed to do anything (I'm trying to take it easy and I will once we get there too, we'll have help). Hubby has been amazing, as always, taking care of me and the baby and working too--and we keep having faith that all of this is in God's hands.

I am so blessed to have my absolute best friend right next to me for all of this--Hubby. We have shed many tears, including those as they wheeled me back to the OR, but this cannot and will not shake our faith. Circumstances like this, and we know friends who have gone through the same thing, could make one question why things are happening and make one believe less in prayer. But it is not the prayer, we believe it is the attitude in which we pray. We can pray for things that we want but we have to pray with a true desire for God's will and God's timing to be accomplished. I have to be honest and say that we were very excited about the age difference that the little ones would have been apart, but am submitting that it is all in God's plan. We just pray that it is in His will for us to have more healthy, miracle beans.


Mel said...

Amen, sister and brother. With tears right alongside you. Love you.

Lora Lynn said...

Praying for you all. Glad hubs is coming with you. Take it easy, lady. Much love.

Joelle said...

thanks for sharing dina. i hope your trip was uneventful today. you are in our prayers every time we see our honda and think you both.

The Farmer Files said...

I am going to send you a private email. Praying for you.

ARK said...

Just prayed for you all and will continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

Dina, Eugene, and little "A"... we are praying for you!! Thank you for saying all the things you did and sharing from your heart. We love you! Dan, Chey, Caiden, and Nora-bug

Anonymous said...

Dina - I hope that your body recovers quickly. Take care of yourself and patiently wait for God's timing.

Anonymous said...

(Love, Jen Clark)

HisTreasuredPossession said...

I'm so sorry to hear this news. I pray You will continue to feel His loving presence with you during this time. With much love,
rachel and family

christian said...

You guys are having a great perspective in terms of everything that has happened. Your experience will really help us be thankful of the blessings we do have. (I did tear-up as I read this post.) Hopefully our families will see each other in the future.

Heather said...

Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers as you wait on the Lord and His perfect timing!

Jeremiah 29:11

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