Monday, July 7, 2008

Eye Twitch?

I am not normally one asking for exercise, but I want to do something! I have to admit that, this taking it easy thing again (not complaining, but this is the third time), is a bit frustrating. I feel like I shouldn't complain about it because then it would seem like I am questioning God which is not the case...I just want to be more of a contributor to my family and society :)

I feel lazy having to ask for help. I was feeling good before Friday--before a day of flying/layover/flying, then pushing a little too much on Sat and Sun--I can do it! I feel like I can do almost anything, but my body is saying stop, in more ways than one. Which in turn is driving me slightly crazy. Hubby is telling me just to relax and get better and ask for anything (and he's taking care of almost everything without me having to ask, which is great) but I still feel guilty because he has to work too and try to get the house liveable (not quite there yet :)).

I am reading the book about Nixon and Kissinger, it is very interesting (thanks for letting me borrow Cousin Jessie :)). Any other suggestions for getting rid of my eye twitch?


Lora Lynn said...

If you have high speed internet: yes. Try Lots of old sitcom re-runs over there. Also, join me on Twitter. I'll send you an invite. Ummmm, if you like Jane Austen continuations, there's a good one of those completely online I can send you. Free. shows clips from the funniest daytime and late night shows. Always good for mind-numbing entertainment. Netflix online? Here's a link for wordgames online, which are my favorites:
Email if you want more. I've got lots of ways to stay "busy" online. Glad ya'll arrived safely. Have been wondering. Good for you for listening to the ol' body. And the hubby.

Bethany said...

Check out one of my favorite blogs - She is hilarious, you'll love her. My sister came across her site about a year ago, and we've been addicted ever since.
We miss you already! Take it easy, no need to rush things :)

Anonymous said...

i have had the dreaded eye twitch too! i think bananas (potassium) are supposed to help! -Joelle

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