Thursday, July 31, 2008

It'll Be Fine Honey :)

This is what I told my awesome husband when we (that is "we", meaning both of us as one) decided that BabyBoy and I would come with him to NOVA on his business trip this time to visit family and friends.

Our little angel usually flies the mostly friendly skies very well. The first leg of our flight was beautiful. We had plenty of time when we got to our gate to get some food, hang out, and try to get BabyBoy tired before we boarded our "not free to craw or roam" aircraft. Yes, he crawled on the floor at the airport...yes it was gross (we tried to find the cleanest areas)...yes there were many hands washings...yes we had to let him :) Hubby and I took turns following him, ok maybe he did more than me, he's great!

During our rocky take off, swaying here and there, down a little, stomach up a lot, little guy surprisingly smiled and laughed each time his stomach was up at the ceiling of the plane; he is a little thrill seeker. I "fed" him a little into take off and then he went to sleep; though he doesn't nap for long on a plane. (My watch is still in need of a battery, I can't believe I haven't gone completely mad yet.) It would read like an ideal situation--nice murmur of the plane, cool enough, warm enough, snuggly with a blanky--but alas not long naps. He woke up his happy little self, played, ate, played, snacked, played, and landed.

Fast forward to our THREE HOUR LAYOVER in Atlanta (LL too bad you weren't closer). Everything would have gone according to plan if we had gotten right back on a plane (like we usually do) and ditto'd the above. I did pray for our little one to have the energy of his Daddy, and see God does answer prayers people. There was no napping in the airport; too much to see, too much to hear, too much grossness to touch. The only picture I managed to snap was when a little boy wanted to come sit next to us on the floor while he and his Mom waited for their flight. He was so sweet and shared his toys with the baby. (the pic is on my computer...I'm not on my computer, it was super cute though :))

We boarded our plane...late. We were getting situated and switched seats thinking we had time when the stewa...flight attendent came on the loud speaker and said we are ready to take off but cannot do so until every passenger is seated. We said oh no she didn't. Rest of the flight went well.

We are trying to teach BabyBoy to be an extrovert (bc we are not as much as we'd like to be, I get intimidated when I am around very confident people, but I digress) so he did a great job of performing for the people on the plane during the flight and while we were waiting to get off.

The night did not end there though. To baggage claim we went. Then to rent our car we went. But, you have to take a shuttle to the rental place! Onto the shuttle (12am) loaded all our luggage including the enormous carseat backpack of fun. We were the last to unload our 1 1/2 weeks of necessities :) so we were last in line. Heard the rental shpeal too many times, meanwhile BabyBoy wanted so badly to get down but that floor was really gross. He actually did very well all things considered and even without all things considered.

12:45 am we had our car and were almost on our way. As soon as we thought we were clear to go, no no, not yet, we had to fill out the survey first of what marks and scratches were on the car. This is a big deal people, if you don't fill it out they'll charge you for a scratch. :) We had no pen handy, so Hubby went inside to get one. The guy behind the counter hands him a pencil...a pencil?! You can't right on three sheets of carbon copy paper with a pencil :)

I think BabyBoy was in bed by about 1:30am. Poor little guy, tell me we are not doing any permanent damage by him being in so many different places.

It'll be better on the way back honey :) Love you!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Must See Video, Really!!! AND Baby Training Days

You have to watch the two videos from the links below! This is crazy but neat but weird but very cool but scary but very intriguing! They teach 5 days a week for only 10 minutes a day (after much study of child psychology).

Have you heard anything about it???

And in very fun news! Wait for to 17 consecutive steps from the little guy! He's a walkin'! We have had training days since Saturday and he has been doing great. All it has taken was some organic bear grahams, blueberries, Cheerios, some toys, a rock, Mommy and Daddy, and BabyBoy actually taking interest in it now. He's doing it people!

I'm sorry to have annoying links to the videos; I couldn't copy them to be easily viewable, but I would love to see if you have any news about the news. Thank you!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Quick Thoughts, Happenings, and Questions that Need Answers

  1. Waiting for our countertops (other ones were sloped and sink broken) to be installed so we can move into our house for good and start living from closet and not suitcase :) Have been washing dishes in the bathroom.

  2. There is a creature gnawing wood off tops of BabyBoy's crib...think it's BabyBoy :) Does cayenne pepper work for babies?

  3. Suprised Hubby while on a business trip (yes already, was gone for three days last week) by building our other desk! Yeah baby!

  4. Can't figure out how to arrange our living and family rooms, will post pictures and thoughts and will ask/beg for suggestions from you.

  5. If you order sushi from the bar and take it to you tip? And why.

  6. BabyBoy has to wipe off any extra food on his face or mouth but does not mind sleeping or playing in a poopy diaper.

  7. Hubby's scheduling got changed and...We are coming to NOVA from July 31st - Aug 8th and would love to see you!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Crib?!

It has been quite sometime since poor little "Big" has slept in his crib. He took a nap in it Tuesday, but the naps Wednesday were quite eventful.

After cuddling for a few minutes in the glider--another very happy and relaxing reunion--I laid BabyBoy in his crib. We enjoy getting some laughs before he goes to sleep, so I bounced the matress just a little--the same level of bounciness is just not there in the pack n play--got a giggle, did it again and got another giggle.

I exited the room but left the door cracked so I could stealthly watch him as he fell asleep; it's been a's not stalking, it's cute. He picked his head up off the matress looked around and then forced a little bounce with his hands and head on the mattress as if to say, My Crib!? He looked around again and bounced with his hands one more time. He then proceeded to stand up in his crib, looked around, and bounced on his feet a couple times.

Meanwhile, I ran, well fast walked, whispering, Hubby Hubby, you have to see this. We were both silently cracking up as to not let the sleeping baby know that we knew he wasn't sleeping :)

Realizing that he was now standing up but wanted in fact to be sleeping he started to cry. Although we know he has done it before, he used to not be able to sit and then lay down by himself, so we we go in and lay him down and cover him with the blanky--he was shortsless at this point from a very stinky diaper, boy do they penetrate--so he can get some sleep or do we let him "learn" and figure it out because he cannot rely on us to come in everytime he thinks he needs something.

So we went with the learning opportunity (we know he's done it before and we didn't have to go anywhere, with a potentially cranky baby :), we had to think ahead:)).

As he cried for a few seconds, he laid his head on his hands, holding the crib, to try to rest for but a moment. Not more than one or two minutes later, he slowly sat down (not hard enough to trampoline himself, this time), and then laid down. It was so cute and a great learning experience; a double win for Mommy and Daddy. But he was not only now laying on his blanket, but also shortsless; I didn't want him to be cold. So, after all that, I went in and covered him!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

You Comment--We Deliver!

See, we're staying true to our word :)

Is this your trick? Keep 'em coming!!

Ok, I just noticed that the video has a title so...there's not much guessing in that, huh? :)

LL, you may have wait a little longer for yours, lol.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sing It: Reunited And It Feels So Good

You can still think of fun things to teach the monkey but now...cue the music and pan around to a Gold SUV...

I drove my (our) car on Arizona soil!! It may not sound like that big of a deal, but you know it has taken us a while to actually set foot on our new homeland. It felt so great to have the last outstanding items here. I cranked up Celine and...drove all night...just kidding...gas is too expensive to do that.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Is anyone out there? Ok, people, I'm a little disappointed. We were really looking forward to your fun ideas of tricks to teach the baby...thank you to those of you that did comment. I even have some more posts ready, but was idealistically awaiting your cooky comments. Let's say if you leave a trick then we'll try to teach him and get it on video and post it for you :) How's about that bait?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Like a Monkey

We attempt to get BabyBoy to perform his "tricks" like a little monkey for friends and family--sometimes he show off his antics and sometimes he is too distracted analyzing his surroundings :) So, here is our little monkey with some of his tricks.

We forgot: Blow kisses, wave, give me five, and he can now do "The Motorboat"--most widely known as poking your tongue through your lips and blowing. He has also added to his sign language repertoire: All Done and he started signing potty again :)...let the early potty training begin!?

What "trick" should we teach him next? Come on friends (and family if you are there!), we know you'll have some good ideas!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Eye Twitch?

I am not normally one asking for exercise, but I want to do something! I have to admit that, this taking it easy thing again (not complaining, but this is the third time), is a bit frustrating. I feel like I shouldn't complain about it because then it would seem like I am questioning God which is not the case...I just want to be more of a contributor to my family and society :)

I feel lazy having to ask for help. I was feeling good before Friday--before a day of flying/layover/flying, then pushing a little too much on Sat and Sun--I can do it! I feel like I can do almost anything, but my body is saying stop, in more ways than one. Which in turn is driving me slightly crazy. Hubby is telling me just to relax and get better and ask for anything (and he's taking care of almost everything without me having to ask, which is great) but I still feel guilty because he has to work too and try to get the house liveable (not quite there yet :)).

I am reading the book about Nixon and Kissinger, it is very interesting (thanks for letting me borrow Cousin Jessie :)). Any other suggestions for getting rid of my eye twitch?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Faith Based Decisions

Faith is often defined as believing in something that you cannot physically see. But we believe that faith is not solely based on faith in the unseen. We have physically seen God's faithfulness to our family. He has always provided a dwelling place, necessities, jobs, the ability to live near family and friends, and a miracle baby. We have had to work hard, but God has been the ultimate provider.

We're sorry for the lack of posts and for this somber post, but we want to let you know what has been going on.

Many of you know that we have been in Virginia for a bit longer than expected--for an unhappy and unexpected reason. We found out at 8 weeks pregnant that we lost our baby.

We have been forced to make some difficult decisions. We have been waiting and waiting to get to our home in AZ. We were originally going at the end of April then stayed for Hubby's job (great things happening, by the way) until the end of June--we went out for a great "working" trip mid-May and then came back for several more weeks. Plan was to go to NC with Hubby's family at the end of June and then drive straight to AZ.

1st appointment was the first week of June-well so far. 2nd appointment was 2 days before we left for NC-sac with no baby. We had to decide whether to just go to AZ and get the next sono there, be in our own house, and try to get settled or stay in VA where things are familiar. We decided to stay with our current doctors who had already been through so much with us with our first pregnancy. So we went to NC to get away--to not just sit and wait and spend time with the family--and then we drove back to VA for the next sono. 3rd appt was this past Monday-still sac but no bean. Our doctor surmized that we lost the baby around 1 week of development but my body was, as he put it, being a good Mommy by still trying to support.

I had the recommended surgery/procedure on Tuesday and we are going to fly out to AZ on Friday. Many many decisions had to happen in between. To have the procedure here, to ship both cars and have Hubby fly with me and the baby, to go to AZ now instead of waiting two more weeks--that I am not supposed to do anything (I'm trying to take it easy and I will once we get there too, we'll have help). Hubby has been amazing, as always, taking care of me and the baby and working too--and we keep having faith that all of this is in God's hands.

I am so blessed to have my absolute best friend right next to me for all of this--Hubby. We have shed many tears, including those as they wheeled me back to the OR, but this cannot and will not shake our faith. Circumstances like this, and we know friends who have gone through the same thing, could make one question why things are happening and make one believe less in prayer. But it is not the prayer, we believe it is the attitude in which we pray. We can pray for things that we want but we have to pray with a true desire for God's will and God's timing to be accomplished. I have to be honest and say that we were very excited about the age difference that the little ones would have been apart, but am submitting that it is all in God's plan. We just pray that it is in His will for us to have more healthy, miracle beans.

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