Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yester Years :)

Here are some pictures that I just came across as I was putting together a 1st year slideshow for Baby Boy's 1st Birthday...

Can you guess in what year all of the following pictures were taken?

Notice the haircut...I was thinking about cutting it again, but I feel as though I am more of a long-hair-gal...I think this was the only time my hair was this short since my birth!

Tennis buddies!
Bet em' up at the horse race :) Where did those pants come from?
Old school--Can you find yourself in this pic?


Anonymous said...

Your post makes me want to move back to VA, but most of the gang has moved on. :( but come to Hawaii and I will play you in tennis EF!

Lora Lynn said...

Can't believe how many of the folks in the shot have moved on. And where the heck were we?

HisTreasuredPossession said...

Oh makes me yearn so much for you all! I have NO idea where I am in that pic, if I made it...? Like LL, where was I? I sure do see my hubby. Oh well. Hope AZ is treating you right!

The Farmer Files said...

Hey, that was such a sweet memory. I couldn't even find myself.

The Farmer Files said...

never mind, I am standing next to KL.

reb said...

wow, what a transitional group!! Thanks for the pic and the memories of sweet friends and friendships. Hope you guys are staying cool out there in the desert!

Jeff Clark said...

we'll miss you guys

Happy Father's Day!

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