Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quick Happy Sleep Recipe

The most important ingredient is the last one that I will mention.

Baby Boy's bedtime routine consists of: Change diaper and sleepy clothes, milk, brush teeth, book, cuddle, prayer, bed...then add a little squeeze on his little bum and he giggles, and lean down for little soft kisses on his neck (you have to nuzzle in), he chuckles some more. He has been sticking his little rear up in the air when we lay him down and it is in perfect position for a squeeze and a laugh.

We have noticed that when we make him giggle with a squeeze and some kisses before he goes to sleep, he falls asleep so much quicker and without a fight. So, if you are having trouble falling asleep...you know what to do!

1 comment:

The Farmer Files said...

I hate to think what my husband would think if I stuck my bum up in the air. He might think I had gas. :)

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