Tuesday, June 24, 2008

BabyBoy's 1st Birthday!

BabyBoy turned one! We cannot believe it! It has been such an exciting and amazing year. Lots of new learning experiences, lots of trial and error, lots of learning how our little guy thinks. We've watched his sweet personality come out more and more throughout the year. He has gone through hold me phases, independent phases, I don't want to eat that phases (in which case we say, yes you will, love you), big gigantic eater phases--no wait that has been since he was born...Mommy's appetite!, smiling at home like crazy but not in public much phases, now he smiles at almost everyone (with the goofball smile :)). I still have to find you a picture of that smile :) This is BabyBoy on his 1st Birthday party!

I was determined to make BabyBoy's 1st Birthday cake myself...all by myself. My Mom used to make cool cakes for our birthdays and I wanted to start the tradition for BabyBoy. So here it is!

I don't know if you can really see it in the picture, but notice the grass around the top of the cake and the grass tufts on the cake (I was very excited about the grass), haha.

Yes, the baseball is an actual cake!--this was BabyBoy's cake, we just took it off and it became his 1st cake. It took a bit of time to make the model design of the sheet cake but not too long to actually execute the icing decorating.

I also made homemade peanut butter cups--yummy! Sports themed of course :)

We had a great time with family and friends, there were 20+ in attendance. We missed my family from Arizona but look forward to seeing them soon. Here is BabyBoy with his Great Grandma and Great Granny.

BabyBoy was hilarious eating his first cake. He was so dainty and delicate. With the entire cake sitting before him, he pinchered a tiny piece of icing that was right in front of him not delving into the whole cake--that would have been too messy :) After a few neat little bites, Grandma and Daddy pushed his hands into the cake to let him know he could dig in. Bigger bites but still not too messy :) When we figured he had had enough we said ok all done buddy and started to take his tray off and he signed please please please. Everyone cracked up and since he asked so nicely we gave him some more, haha.

Uncle Mikey wanted us to frame the messiest cake picture that we have...this is it :)


Pumpkin Patch said...

Happy Birthday, Eitan! Congrats to you guys for making it through the first year! Nice looking cake, and love the dress. Where'd you get it?


Joelle said...

Dina you look fabulous in that dress! and the cake is amazing of course! miss you guys.

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