Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We All Made It!

BabyBoy and I made our first non-stop flight from VA to AZ--just over 5 hours! We left for the airport at 2:35pm and arrived at my Dad's house at 9pm AZ time. He did great overall--a few fussy/fighting sleep spots but he made up for it by shmoozing the rest of the passengers on the plane. He made a bunch of new friends and played with the flight attendants in the back of the plane for quite some time...other passengers would come to the back to use the restroom and happily ask how he was doing...he'd blow them kisses or smile at them and it was great.

We have to give a big shout out to Dave! We kept striking out with rides to the airport for LittleGuy and me, so Dave came to our rescue. Who is Dave you ask? He is one of my former high school orchestra parents...actually not just a parent, an amazing guy. In my mere two years teaching there, a couple of my parents and our family became like family. It is amazing how much they care for us and we feel the same way! Thank you Dave!

Hubby left Arkansas around 6am after the coffee debacle and arrived at my Dad's house at 12:30 am AZ time! That is nearly 21 hours of driving in one day! He did such a fantastic job. And to top it all off, after all of his driving, he showed up in the big yellow 26" truck with a red rose for me! What a man!


Lora Lynn said...

nice job, eugene!

The Farmer Files said...

made me laugh about the big yellow truck....when we drove from CA to VA we left on the last day of the school year when I was teaching. I joked that Hubs was picking me up in my big yellow cinderella glad everyone is in one piece and in the same state!

Joelle said...

this is so sad! i can't believe it is all happening so fast. hope to see you soon.

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