Wednesday, May 7, 2008

To Xray or Not To Xray

Hubby has been working like a crazy poor hubby who has not been able to rest his mind or his body for a while now. We are gearing up to move, pack the truck on Sat morning/afternoon, attempting to pack the rest of our belongings in the house to go on the truck, get the utilities turned on for when we arrive in AZ, figure out insurance options for the drive, find a ride to the airport on Tuesday, figure out the rest of the logistics for the move, and I may have broken my toe tonight!

Ironically, this happens during such a busy time and during the time Eugene wasn't playing around. We went to the mall for a quick trip to renew our (expired) registration, return some baby clothes, and I had gotten an e-mail for a free $15 gift card to Ann Taylor. Free! First, without a receipt, each item only rang up for .99cents so it was the, "I'll just keep them." We were strolling out of the door when it happened. Eugene was strolling the stroller adn I was walking out with him and somehow I kicked the back of the stroller. (and I didn't get to use my gift card only good for today...I guess I didn't need anything anyway :))

I debated whether or not to get it checked out, so prompted by Hubby we went by the urgent care to get it xrayed, but not accepting our insurance we would have had to pay for half of the entire visit. Eugene said yes but I just couldn't pay that much (I didn't have a coupon or anything :)). So, it's been iced and raised. Maybe I'll get it xrayed tomorrow...although, it's nothing that some cheese fries and peanut butter cup ice cream can't help feel better!


Lora Lynn said...

OUch! Take care of that foot! It will be hard to travel without it!

The Farmer Files said...

Yikes...hopefully it isn't your driving foot!

Bethany said...

Hey Dina - Ouch!! Don't bother with the xray though, there isn't anything they can do if it is broken. Just keep it iced and elevated, and it will heal.

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