Thursday, May 8, 2008

Playdates :)

Here are some pics from some of the past playdates where BabyBoy and I have had a great time getting to know our friends!
I am blessed to be in a Women's Bible Study on Wednesday mornings. There are a few different studies all at the same time. So after our respective studies yesterday morning, a bunch of us headed to Landmark Mall for some Chick-Fil-A...Yummy!...and playtime for the little ones :)

We have gotten together with our friends Ms. Melissa and Owen to go to the park, play at the house, and to go walking (boy, I really need to walk more, it feels great after you go!).

We got together with Ms. Leslie and Jonathan. Jonathan and BabyBoy are only a couple months apart! And we will all soon be in Arizona together...neighbors hopefully!

A few of my wonderful former high schoolers contacted me while they were home on a break, so we met for coffee to catch up and they got to meet Eitan :)

We went over to Ms. Sarah's house to hang out with Josh and Sammy. It was Eitan's first time on a swing!

BabyBoyand Sammy played ball. Then Josh showed BabyBoy how to play with this fun toy. They also danced around to some fun music before lunch :)

After Bible Study a few weeks ago, a few of the girls took me to lunch for my birthday! Very sweet :) Eits pants had to come off for prime crawling...he would have just crawled out of them anyway, haha. BabyBoy was also given some hugs by the girls.

The Arizona Connection as Leslie put in an e-mail :) I recently found out that there are two more couples moving to Arizona in the coming months. God is good and funny how he works things out. We have so many friends from church with all different aged kids. It just so happens, wink wink, that Leslie has a baby BOY 2 months younger than BabyBoy and Meghan has a baby BOY almost one month older than BabyBoy (and we have some great friends in AZ who have a baby BOY a few months younger than BabyBoy). God is good!

We went to the National Zoo! We got to see lots of animals. BabyBoy loves the sounds of the lion and tiger and he really enjoyed seeing the elephants.

One of my wonderful former co-workers came over to visit with BabyBoy and me. I have such a great time with her, she is full of smiles and laughs too :)

We saw our good friends Ms. Cheyenne, Nora, and Caiden. We met and have know them since Campus Crusade in college :) We used to play cards all the time (Farmers, we need practice up and play you guys :))

We went to a playgroup at Ms. Meredith's house! Eits was into rolling at the time and rolled right over into Ms. Meredith, hello :) They used to live in AZ, too bad we can't get them to move back!

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The Farmer Files said...

Since I moved, some of my closest friends still are those I made in teammates EIGHT years ago. SO many have come to visit us here and so many continue to call and email. Continue to put forth the effort and you will maintain your friendships!! We WILL play cards with you when we are on the big rock! Hubs' grandma lives in P. Valley and mom lives in A. Junction. You will definitely see us!

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