Monday, May 5, 2008

It's Officially Official

We are moving to Arizona! We just closed this past week on our house in Arizona. You now have another place to visit in Arizona!!! You'll love visiting, save up for your tickets :)

We are offically moving July 1, but will be taking a "taking care of business" trip May 13-29. We are looking forward to getting many many things "taken care of" before the summer heat hits...painting, ummm fixing the AC haha, fixing up the carpet, fixing up the kitchen, unpacking, etc.

After much (and I mean much) thought and deliberation, Hubby will be driving our belongings 2322.26 miles from Fairfax VA to Glendale AZ. The truck will be loaded on Saturday May 10th and he will be on his way beginning the evening of May 11th. Eits and I will fly out on Tues May 13 - we are trying the non-stop 5 hour was cheaper...any suggestions on keeping a 10 1/2 month old entertained on a plane for that long (great overall to have a shorter travel day)?

We will be back for June, head down for the ironclad beach trip with Hubby's family the last week of June--BabyBoy's 1st beach trip! and 1st birthday!!--and then ship/drive/fly out. The next debate (boy have there been many of them, again with Hubby and I on the same side of the debate :)) is whether or not we will be driving our cars and selves to Arizona from the beach. We either drive 8 hours back to VA then ship the cars and fly out or be 8 hours closer to AZ which only leaves in the 26 more hours range...haha. Ridiculous? Money saved by Hubby driving the P*nske truck out there and then us driving ourselves...(I even talked our rental down, our storage unit down, and the potential movers that we are now not using :))

If we end up driving, we would love to visit friends along the way--if it is not too off course, we love you but Hubby says we need to get there :)--so if you are on route from VA to AZ (Tennesse, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico), tell us so we can visit you along our way!

You asked, so here are a few pics of our new pad :)


I almost forgot, we have a little lime tree and another citrus tree yet TBD in the backyard :) Our neighbor has a lemon tree-some fall into our yard, so fresh lemons too!

AND we live in a golf course community! We'll find out if we get a discount, hehe. So come on all you golfers (tell your husbands :)), you'll love golfing by the gorgeous mountains!!!


The Farmer Files said...

Congrats on your Big news! I see you have Italian cypress trees in the backyard. We had those at the house I grew up in. I loved them! We will be in AZ if we ever move back to the big rock. Hubs' grandma and mom are in AZ so we will visit you for sure!. My eldest totally is in to all of the dessert animals and plants. Send an email with all of your new contact info.

Lora Lynn said...

Love the new Felts Family compound. Very spiffy! And thanks for the update!

Surely you guys don't mind a "little detour" through the great state of "Affabama." come on! Tennessee is so close! :-)

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