Friday, May 9, 2008

Let Your Traveling Wisdom Be Known

Have you ever driven cross-country...or close to it? Even if the answer is no, you might have some good answers for us!

Hubby is beginning his "get our stuff to AZ as fast as possible" drive either Sunday evening or Monday morning. He is looking to drive about 12 hours or so a day. Do you have any suggestions as to good stopping places/hotels? The basic route is TENNESSEE, ARKANSAS, OKLAHOMA, TEXAS, and NEW MEXICO.

"We" will make a final decision after Hubby drives it once, whether or not we are going to make the drive as a family from VA to AZ at the end of June. If we do, we'll need even more stopping points to maintain our sanity and that of our soon-to-be 12 month old. :)

Thank you for any suggestions you can provide us! Here is BabyBoy Woohooing to your great comments :)

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Lora Lynn said...

Well, depending on how fast he can move in the big truck, it's about thirteen to fourteen hours from Fairfax to my in-laws in Jackson, TN. They live five minutes off the interstate and would be happy to host.

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