Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Coffee Please

Hubby started back on the road around 6am this morning. He had a cup of coffee in his hand for but a moment--as he attempted to put the top on he crushed the cup in his (bare) hand. The cup was trash can bound except when he tried to throw it away, the trash can was a "brick" and wouldn't open. The cup bounced off of the trash can, flew straight up in the air, and what was left of the coffee in the mangled cup splattered in a 10" radius. All of this happened just as the woman at the front counter went into the back room. Hubby was eager to get back on the road so he left his coffee hopes behind and got in the big yellow truck and went on his way. She probably came out just moments after Hubby left to coffee mayhem...he said, "I felt bad because it was a nice display too." He will now have to wait until his next gas stop for coffee.

1184 miles til our new house...

Thank you for your prayers thus far. Please continue to pray for safe travels and for the truck, it was thinking about overheating this morning!

1 comment:

The Farmer Files said...

Is he making potty stops?!? wow!

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