Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Another Sunny Day"

Poppop used to open the blinds every morning and say just that, "Another sunny day!" Aunt Dottie said he would pout every time it rained all day--it only rains about three times a year :) What a great mantra!

So, it's been a little warm...110 degrees last week. That's not normal this time of year, it set a record! A couple days in a row. We're good though. We've been working on the house and staying with my Dad.

BabyBoy held the key to the new house in his little shorts pocket :)

We always have time for some good smiles and giggles.

Eitan has begun climbing up to his walker and walking around by himself...we'll not around, really in a straight line for a couple yards then we turn him around and he goes again--pretty much how I road the jetski on our honeymoon.

Eits loves playing ball...

We have had the house painted (1st time we have used professionals...high ceilings, time it would take, and an incredible deal!) We are going to have the carpets cleaned.

BabyBoy has been doing a great job signing. Here is a funny video of him half paying attention to what we are asking him to do and him talking to everyone that walks by :)

We put together one desk so far. Oh my goodness, how many steps there were. It wasn't too bad just tons of steps.

More updates later, very tired, very tired :) See you soon :)

1 comment:

Lora Lynn said...

Goodness, he's grown lots this month!

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