Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Another Sunny Day"

Poppop used to open the blinds every morning and say just that, "Another sunny day!" Aunt Dottie said he would pout every time it rained all day--it only rains about three times a year :) What a great mantra!

So, it's been a little warm...110 degrees last week. That's not normal this time of year, it set a record! A couple days in a row. We're good though. We've been working on the house and staying with my Dad.

BabyBoy held the key to the new house in his little shorts pocket :)

We always have time for some good smiles and giggles.

Eitan has begun climbing up to his walker and walking around by himself...we'll not around, really in a straight line for a couple yards then we turn him around and he goes again--pretty much how I road the jetski on our honeymoon.

Eits loves playing ball...

We have had the house painted (1st time we have used professionals...high ceilings, time it would take, and an incredible deal!) We are going to have the carpets cleaned.

BabyBoy has been doing a great job signing. Here is a funny video of him half paying attention to what we are asking him to do and him talking to everyone that walks by :)

We put together one desk so far. Oh my goodness, how many steps there were. It wasn't too bad just tons of steps.

More updates later, very tired, very tired :) See you soon :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We All Made It!

BabyBoy and I made our first non-stop flight from VA to AZ--just over 5 hours! We left for the airport at 2:35pm and arrived at my Dad's house at 9pm AZ time. He did great overall--a few fussy/fighting sleep spots but he made up for it by shmoozing the rest of the passengers on the plane. He made a bunch of new friends and played with the flight attendants in the back of the plane for quite some time...other passengers would come to the back to use the restroom and happily ask how he was doing...he'd blow them kisses or smile at them and it was great.

We have to give a big shout out to Dave! We kept striking out with rides to the airport for LittleGuy and me, so Dave came to our rescue. Who is Dave you ask? He is one of my former high school orchestra parents...actually not just a parent, an amazing guy. In my mere two years teaching there, a couple of my parents and our family became like family. It is amazing how much they care for us and we feel the same way! Thank you Dave!

Hubby left Arkansas around 6am after the coffee debacle and arrived at my Dad's house at 12:30 am AZ time! That is nearly 21 hours of driving in one day! He did such a fantastic job. And to top it all off, after all of his driving, he showed up in the big yellow 26" truck with a red rose for me! What a man!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Coffee Please

Hubby started back on the road around 6am this morning. He had a cup of coffee in his hand for but a moment--as he attempted to put the top on he crushed the cup in his (bare) hand. The cup was trash can bound except when he tried to throw it away, the trash can was a "brick" and wouldn't open. The cup bounced off of the trash can, flew straight up in the air, and what was left of the coffee in the mangled cup splattered in a 10" radius. All of this happened just as the woman at the front counter went into the back room. Hubby was eager to get back on the road so he left his coffee hopes behind and got in the big yellow truck and went on his way. She probably came out just moments after Hubby left to coffee mayhem...he said, "I felt bad because it was a nice display too." He will now have to wait until his next gas stop for coffee.

1184 miles til our new house...

Thank you for your prayers thus far. Please continue to pray for safe travels and for the truck, it was thinking about overheating this morning!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Next Stop...Arkansas

Hubby did an amzing job driving today--he drove 1146.1 miles (way past and ahead of schedule)! With a couple coolers of food, some coffee, and his ipod (and talk radio...he really gets into talk radio :)) he was great!

We woke up this morning around 4:10 am. My Mom was great and prepared a quick breakfast for Eugene (and me, hehe).

Hubby pulled out at 4:50am after settling all his things, finding the cupholder, and fixing the radio to the right station. He rolled into Van Buren, AR at 10pm CST. Bob helped him at Motel 6 (the Super 8 was all booked) and he was off to bed!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Let Your Traveling Wisdom Be Known

Have you ever driven cross-country...or close to it? Even if the answer is no, you might have some good answers for us!

Hubby is beginning his "get our stuff to AZ as fast as possible" drive either Sunday evening or Monday morning. He is looking to drive about 12 hours or so a day. Do you have any suggestions as to good stopping places/hotels? The basic route is TENNESSEE, ARKANSAS, OKLAHOMA, TEXAS, and NEW MEXICO.

"We" will make a final decision after Hubby drives it once, whether or not we are going to make the drive as a family from VA to AZ at the end of June. If we do, we'll need even more stopping points to maintain our sanity and that of our soon-to-be 12 month old. :)

Thank you for any suggestions you can provide us! Here is BabyBoy Woohooing to your great comments :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Playdates :)

Here are some pics from some of the past playdates where BabyBoy and I have had a great time getting to know our friends!
I am blessed to be in a Women's Bible Study on Wednesday mornings. There are a few different studies all at the same time. So after our respective studies yesterday morning, a bunch of us headed to Landmark Mall for some Chick-Fil-A...Yummy!...and playtime for the little ones :)

We have gotten together with our friends Ms. Melissa and Owen to go to the park, play at the house, and to go walking (boy, I really need to walk more, it feels great after you go!).

We got together with Ms. Leslie and Jonathan. Jonathan and BabyBoy are only a couple months apart! And we will all soon be in Arizona together...neighbors hopefully!

A few of my wonderful former high schoolers contacted me while they were home on a break, so we met for coffee to catch up and they got to meet Eitan :)

We went over to Ms. Sarah's house to hang out with Josh and Sammy. It was Eitan's first time on a swing!

BabyBoyand Sammy played ball. Then Josh showed BabyBoy how to play with this fun toy. They also danced around to some fun music before lunch :)

After Bible Study a few weeks ago, a few of the girls took me to lunch for my birthday! Very sweet :) Eits pants had to come off for prime crawling...he would have just crawled out of them anyway, haha. BabyBoy was also given some hugs by the girls.

The Arizona Connection as Leslie put in an e-mail :) I recently found out that there are two more couples moving to Arizona in the coming months. God is good and funny how he works things out. We have so many friends from church with all different aged kids. It just so happens, wink wink, that Leslie has a baby BOY 2 months younger than BabyBoy and Meghan has a baby BOY almost one month older than BabyBoy (and we have some great friends in AZ who have a baby BOY a few months younger than BabyBoy). God is good!

We went to the National Zoo! We got to see lots of animals. BabyBoy loves the sounds of the lion and tiger and he really enjoyed seeing the elephants.

One of my wonderful former co-workers came over to visit with BabyBoy and me. I have such a great time with her, she is full of smiles and laughs too :)

We saw our good friends Ms. Cheyenne, Nora, and Caiden. We met and have know them since Campus Crusade in college :) We used to play cards all the time (Farmers, we need practice up and play you guys :))

We went to a playgroup at Ms. Meredith's house! Eits was into rolling at the time and rolled right over into Ms. Meredith, hello :) They used to live in AZ, too bad we can't get them to move back!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

To Xray or Not To Xray

Hubby has been working like a crazy poor hubby who has not been able to rest his mind or his body for a while now. We are gearing up to move, pack the truck on Sat morning/afternoon, attempting to pack the rest of our belongings in the house to go on the truck, get the utilities turned on for when we arrive in AZ, figure out insurance options for the drive, find a ride to the airport on Tuesday, figure out the rest of the logistics for the move, and I may have broken my toe tonight!

Ironically, this happens during such a busy time and during the time Eugene wasn't playing around. We went to the mall for a quick trip to renew our (expired) registration, return some baby clothes, and I had gotten an e-mail for a free $15 gift card to Ann Taylor. Free! First, without a receipt, each item only rang up for .99cents so it was the, "I'll just keep them." We were strolling out of the door when it happened. Eugene was strolling the stroller adn I was walking out with him and somehow I kicked the back of the stroller. (and I didn't get to use my gift card only good for today...I guess I didn't need anything anyway :))

I debated whether or not to get it checked out, so prompted by Hubby we went by the urgent care to get it xrayed, but not accepting our insurance we would have had to pay for half of the entire visit. Eugene said yes but I just couldn't pay that much (I didn't have a coupon or anything :)). So, it's been iced and raised. Maybe I'll get it xrayed tomorrow...although, it's nothing that some cheese fries and peanut butter cup ice cream can't help feel better!

Monday, May 5, 2008

It's Officially Official

We are moving to Arizona! We just closed this past week on our house in Arizona. You now have another place to visit in Arizona!!! You'll love visiting, save up for your tickets :)

We are offically moving July 1, but will be taking a "taking care of business" trip May 13-29. We are looking forward to getting many many things "taken care of" before the summer heat hits...painting, ummm fixing the AC haha, fixing up the carpet, fixing up the kitchen, unpacking, etc.

After much (and I mean much) thought and deliberation, Hubby will be driving our belongings 2322.26 miles from Fairfax VA to Glendale AZ. The truck will be loaded on Saturday May 10th and he will be on his way beginning the evening of May 11th. Eits and I will fly out on Tues May 13 - we are trying the non-stop 5 hour was cheaper...any suggestions on keeping a 10 1/2 month old entertained on a plane for that long (great overall to have a shorter travel day)?

We will be back for June, head down for the ironclad beach trip with Hubby's family the last week of June--BabyBoy's 1st beach trip! and 1st birthday!!--and then ship/drive/fly out. The next debate (boy have there been many of them, again with Hubby and I on the same side of the debate :)) is whether or not we will be driving our cars and selves to Arizona from the beach. We either drive 8 hours back to VA then ship the cars and fly out or be 8 hours closer to AZ which only leaves in the 26 more hours range...haha. Ridiculous? Money saved by Hubby driving the P*nske truck out there and then us driving ourselves...(I even talked our rental down, our storage unit down, and the potential movers that we are now not using :))

If we end up driving, we would love to visit friends along the way--if it is not too off course, we love you but Hubby says we need to get there :)--so if you are on route from VA to AZ (Tennesse, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico), tell us so we can visit you along our way!

You asked, so here are a few pics of our new pad :)


I almost forgot, we have a little lime tree and another citrus tree yet TBD in the backyard :) Our neighbor has a lemon tree-some fall into our yard, so fresh lemons too!

AND we live in a golf course community! We'll find out if we get a discount, hehe. So come on all you golfers (tell your husbands :)), you'll love golfing by the gorgeous mountains!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Our New Puppy

A little more "hold me" for the past few days, BabyBoy, "our new little puppy," has been following us really is quite cute. A couple days ago he was playing in his play area beside our bed (in our temporary dwelling) and I went into the bathroom for a minute. Not a moment later I hear, "Ahh...ahh...ahh," translated, "Mommy...hey...where are you going?" He mad his way over to the bathroom, pushed the door open, and whined until I picked him up. He has continued to follow us around over the past few days and just wanted to be cuddled more in between playing. We love it and it is very cute; we savor the time that we get to cuddle. I do think I see the new happenings of possibly 4 more teeth!

BabyBoy followed Daddy around in the morning too :)

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