Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Refreshing Innocence

Isn't it so refreshing to just watch a baby enjoying life? It is a great reminder as we watch your baby light up everytime (almost everytime, haha) they see you, smile as anybody walks in the room, giggle when you hand them a toy or make a funny noise, excitedly coo when you ask if they are hungry, laugh - the sweetest sound around - when you play with them...what a great reminder to be content in God, in life. It is so easy to complain about this or that but we are reminded as we watch a little miracle life and continue to read God's word that we just need His love and joy.

I will try to keep the posts coming, for you great faithful readers :) Many days I start to and then stop because I think it seems exciting to us but mundane or too "proud parent" ...I'll let that go and dote away! (is that ok? :))

1 comment:

Lora Lynn said...

so cute! keep 'em coming!

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