Thursday, April 3, 2008

Keeping the Brain Alive

I was up until after midnight last night. What was I doing? Playing a Nintendo DS!

Ok let's back up for a moment. I have been attempting to keep my brain alive :)through a variety of ways. Not that you don't have to think and use your brain while being a stay-at-home Mommy, but the post-pregnancy brain continues...I just can't focus for very long, lol...anyone else??? While I am not studying musical scores and conducting high school orchestras anymore, I do have great conversations with Dooda . Sample, with BabyBoy beginning, "eehhh" then me, "ahhh", then Eits, "baahh", then me, "dada", then Lovebug, "ddddddA". :)

When I was on bedrest, my Aunt Dottie sent me some magazines (from AZ :)). One of them was full of logic puzzles...break the code, who was in what movie what day in what costume kind of puzzles based on a short list of scenarios, answering trivia questions and then minus one letter from those answers to get another answer, etc. I've exercised my brain at crossword puzzles, strategy board games, Boggle online - very addicting, and other logic puzzles online too.

For Valentine's Day, I got Hubby a Nintendo DS, a handheld game system & Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (a role playing game). Weeks went by, and I just started a game myself a couple days ago...and got addicted. You have to figure out random puzzles to find items, explore to figure things out, and solve riddles to get to the next step. So I was up until after midnight playing and solving and testing my brain :)

Any games or such that you have used to keep your brain alive??

(even those of you who don't have kids yet :))


The Farmer Files said...

wii brain academy...very addicting.

Lora Lynn said...

crosswords and sudoku, baby.

reb said...

Disney's little Einsteins works for me! ;) Actually, I am with LoraLynn and the Crossword puzzles. Love those things! Don't do mind just doesn't work that way!

Carey said...

Sudoku does if for me. Sometimes I get so focued on doing one that I lose track of the kids. Is that irresponsible of me? Yeah, probably.

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