Thursday, April 17, 2008

Banana Drama

I believe it stems from this series of events...BabyBoy took a 30 minute nap this morning. Though happy while we went to Burke Lake Park to hang out with our friends, he only ended up taking his second nap for right around 1 1/2 hours. We played for a few then had to pick up Mommy's new contacts (no laser eye surgery for now :)) and get some of Eitan's clothes from the storage unit (he is growing out of his clothes as fast as we get him dressed in the morning).

He smiled and talked to the lovely lady in the eye doctor store. THEN, we went to the storage unit. He was starting to get bummed being in the car for so long...then that big yellow ball of fire in the sky kept shining in his eyes (he wasn't wearing his English paperboy hat at this time - see pic below :))...AND he was hungry. What a combo! I set up the pack n play next to the storage unit while I searched for his clothes; soon thereafter BabyBoy let me know it was snack time. Still quite hungry, we followed the apples with some squash and peas. After talking to Daddy, he wanted us to leave the storage unit (understood, best to have someone else with us back there). BabyBoy was certainly ready anyway.

I began putting him in his car seat...devastated! He was still hungry (and and and) so here came the first few bites of banana. Now begins the drama. First few bites, totally fine. We start driving so I had to wait to hand him a first. Mistake, apparently I was starving my poor child. I tried to hand him a bite for him to grab saying, "take it with you hand." Usually he reaches right up. Keep the drama coming because it wasn't being put in his mouth, (he can feed himself) even after touching his arm to reach up, his hand just wasn't working. Take note that the combination of super tired, super hungry, super agitated from that sun making him warm (I had already stripped him down to his onesie), makes arms and hands unable to function.

We came to a stoplight so I reached around to put a piece of banana in his hand and finally he takes and eats. We start moving and again meaning I can only hand him another piece of banana. Refer to above paragraph; yes, this keeps happening until we made it home. At first my temperature started rising but then his poor pitiful face and cry was just too cute and humorous. Was it terrible of me to laugh each time he started to cry because I wasn't putting the banana in his mouth?

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HisTreasuredPossession said...

don't you feel horrible for wanting to laugh?! But I think it's totally better than the alternative and they'll never know! Thanks for sharing your funny story!

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