Monday, April 28, 2008

10 Months!

Ok this is a This is what BabyBoy is doing at 10 Months Old for family and those friends who love to see all of the new endeavors Sweet Guy is up to :)

1. We walked into his room this morning to BabyBoy standing in his crib!!! He has been pulling up on anything he can, first to his knees then to standing. He's a climber; when I was under one year my do you say...lost me, haha and after looking everywhere spotted me up and inside of the empty tv cabinet :)(this picture was taken last week and is just an example not the actual act this morning :O) he was in the front corner this morning :))

2. He claps! Notice the "Yay" and "Clap" are two separate actions, hehe.

3. He can drink from a straw; too cute and we brought out the straw sippy cup!

4. He has says, mama, dada, nana, gaga (he espcially enjoys the very gutteral ones), rara, baba, and ahhs. He can put a couple different sounds together; I am not sure who he was referring to but he said Barbara one day, lol. He usually chooses just hang on to a couple sounds at a time for now. He is now back to mamas (yay:)), some babas, and some raras :) The nanas tend to come out more when he is a little upset. Oh and sometimes he modifies the Ahhh to Aaahhch! He's practicing his Hebrew already (we did just get him his own Torah)
5. He has six teeth; which I discovered only by looking to see if any more were coming soon, only to see two more up top!

6. He's pincer grasping food more frequently now :) (this boy can eat! he no doubt has Mommy's appetite!)

7. He's "walking" behind a walky push toy.

8. He can throw mini temper tantrums now, lol. For dinner one night he was having some cooked spinach, rice, and chicken. He started crying at a spoonful of spinach and rice. Not completely sure if he was protesting the greens or done eating, we held up a bite of chicken. He immediately stopped and opened his mouth!

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The Farmer Files said...

I LOVE the torah. So cute! I miss Troy. I am sweeping after every single meal with the second child when he throws food. :(

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