Friday, March 7, 2008

Where Would We Be Without Music

BabyBoy has had music growing inside him since he became a little garbanzo bean. He has always listened to and been calmed by music, singing, and humming but even more so now.

I was a high school orchestra director so BabyBoy heard the music of the orchestra every day all day. I told my kids they needed to play in tune or they mess our baby up, lol. They said, Mrs. Felts that's a lot of pressure, we can't believe you said that. I told them that if they played out of tune he would just run around in circles or have other oddities like that, hehe.

If little guy fussed in the car, it was difficult to calm him by talking or almost anything. The past couple of days, especially, if he gets a little fussy in the carseat or at sleeptime, we just hum/sing, he stops, listens, lays his head on our shoulder, or lays his head down in his crib. It is so sweet. He makes little sounds as he relinquishes his need to fuss and is calmed by the melodies (or any composition of notes really). Music is an amazing thing!

We visited my college symphony conductor and watched some of his rehearsal yesterday. BabyBoy sat in our arms for almost 45 min. watching Mr. Maiello conduct, talk, and intensely work with the orchestra. He sat mesmerized! He would look at Eugene, me or my Mom, smile and then quickly look back to watch Mr. Maiello. It brought tears to my eyes becuase it meant so much to me that he was so interested and amazed by the process of music making. I miss being on the podium myself but am excited to and hope to continue to be able to bring Eitan to see rehearsals, worship time at church, and anything available to keep him smack dab in the middle of music.

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Lora Lynn said...

awww. how sweet. a budding musical genius.

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