Monday, March 3, 2008


Over sleepless nights and naps? Ok, please stick with me and see if any of this sounds familiar to you, please tell me it does!

Since we haved moved to our temporary dwelling place we have had many interesting nights and naps. Here is the odd progression...For the first few nights, BabyBoy slept great! Even slept later than usual. The next couple nights, he woke up for a couple of hours - with us going in to comfort 2-3 times (because of extra influence and influence for extra night feedings...we are all for it if we think he is having a growth spurt or just really needs it). He slept through the night for the following couple of days. Then many awakenings for nearly a week, which brings us to

A tired husband, who is working very hard, taking care of his family, and trusting God but also anguishing (we are human) over where we are to reside next (boy does that take a lot out of you).

We have adapted our approach to comforting BabyBoy over the past 8 months of his little life as we have seen what he needs. We started off just after he came home from the hospital with the whole falling asleep in his crib, not picking him up out of his crib, the 5, 10, 15 min rule (give or usually take a few minutes) if he woke up in the middle of the night.

We have always said he had become a good sleeper and napper. Then, he started teething; cue the first set of waking up at night. Then he learned to roll over from tummy to back; cue the second round of waking up at night. Then we started moving, weird naps, sleeping in pack n play at new house; cue continuation of night wakings. There were days in between all of this that he was still sleeping through the night but not as he was before...although now we look back and are trying to remember when those days were and how many consecutively that he actually was sleeping his 12 hours in a row.

So, last night, sure enough he woke up. I went in once after about 5 min, rubbed his back and hummed for a few seconds, told him I loved him and to go back to sleep. He got quiet but still kept going. 10 min later, repeat. About 15 min later, repeat. We had to re-teach him that we are there when he wakes up but that he needs to fall back asleep without being taken out of his crib (he is back in his crib now, out of the pack n play that he was in for a week and a half). He said ok :) and went back to sleep after a little under an hour! (though he did wake up a bit earlier in the morning than normally)

His second nap today (naps lately have been on the very short side with no falling back asleep)..there was yard work going on outside :) We got back from going to the park - what a gorgeous day! - BabyBoy had fallen asleep in the car. I brought him upstairs awake, took him into "his" room, cuddled for a moment, put him in his crib tucked him in, rubbed his back, hummed for a moment, said the I love yous, and left. Not a peep! About 1 hr and about 15 min he was awakened by noise outside. Lately, if he wakes up from a nap there is no falling asleep. I went in after a few minutes, did the described above, turned the music up and left. Still going 10 min. later. Went back in, repeat above, and he fell back asleep!!! I have cracked his newest code, which was the old code, which may still be the future code. He is still asleep, I put him down around 1:15 and it is now 3:40!

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