Sunday, March 16, 2008

Updates :)

1. Teeth - BabyBoy now has TWO top teeth to go with his two bottom ones, they came in one right after the other.

2. Milestone - BabyBoy is crawling! Well, a modified version, not on all fours, but he can sure scurry across a room pretty quickly. He did it the day before we left VA so Grandma could witness it firsthand and Granny, Great Grandma, and the gang got to see the progess a couple days before. :)

3. Travels - We are back from our trip to AZ and had a great time seeing the family.

Getting ready to go into the airport

Eitan was a very good boy and smiled and waved to thank the airline representatives for their help

Having some lunch as a family before we boarded the plane

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