Monday, March 10, 2008

The Sweet Guy

This has been one of the mainstay nicknames Hubby gave little guy. And it is truly holding :) Ok, proud parent moment...

BabyBoy got a bit of a cold on Sat night. We had to go to church for orchestra playing and nursery duty. We didn't want to put BabyBoy in the nursery with a stuffy nose, so he and Eugene went to Teammates. Daddy fed BabyBoy during class and although Sweet Guy he would cough, bc of his stuffy nose, then give a big smile and laugh with his BIG two teeth grins.

Hubby did nursery duty (& did a great job) and I went to Venture with our friends Mike and Emily. BabyBoy didn't have a nap but was just smiling and giggling with almost everybody. While we were waiting for Daddy he started to fuss the tiniest bit, but Uncle Mikey just hummed to him and Eits layed his little head right down. Then Daddy arrived and Sweet Guy was ready to play and was so happy to see him.

Monday we went to the doctor just to check Sweet Guy out before we fly out on Tuesday afternoon for Arizona! Just a cold but he was smiling and laughing at everyone that we passed on the way to the office, in the office, at the doctor, the nurses (who didn't believe he was sick bc he was so happy). Another couple ladies said he was such a social baby. The doctor asked if he would go to him and we said, oh yes, he went right to the doctor and smiled big smiles and tried to play with his stethoscope.

THEN we met Grandma at the mall right to get a bathing suit and shorts for Sweet Guy. He smiled at nearly everyone who walked by. And especially the other children, if he was starting to fuss at all and then saw some other little ones, he stopped looked and smiled. It was so...sweet.

Now let us say that he was not always this way in public. He smiled nearly all day at home but not so much when we would go out. He kept turning little corners and now...he's just full on smiles everywhere we go. :) Sorry for the long way proud parent post!

1 comment:

Lora Lynn said...

uncle mikey. hee.

awww. how very... sweet. have fun in arizona!

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