Thursday, March 27, 2008

BabyBoy is 9 months!

BabyBoy had his nine month check up today! He is...

Weight - Just over 18 lbs - just under 25%
Length - 28" - right around 50%
Oh and his head grew and now is just over the 50% too, hehe

The doc said he's doing great, and she suggested we work on getting from his tummy into sitting position. He has the tools just hasn't felt like doing it yet, she said; Daddy and I agree, hehe.

He has added meat to his diet! Yay, we love our meat :) Chicken, ground beef, a little corned beef...and pasta, a little cheese so far, some new fruits and veggies. He loves it all - ok, with the one exception of a chicken/mushroom/pasta dinner that we pureed for him that he didn't seem to care for but ate it better when it was in chunks instead. Eitan thinks that now that he has four teeth he doesn't need anything pureed anymore :).

He got two shots today and they had to prick his finger (on his left hand - hold onto this detail for later) to get some blood for a test (poor sweet guy). After the nurse was done she put an itty bitty bandaid on his itty bitty finger; Eits says he's a big guy, not itty bitty :). So I was holding him while Hubby and I talked with the nurse when I looked over at BabyBoy and saw his mouth closed and it looked like he was chewing on something. I looked at his hand and thought to myself...hmmm...left hand...hand of finger that got pricked...bandaid not sure enough I stuff my finger in his mouth and scoop out a bandaid. We all had a laugh at how quick and cute he was, lol.

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