Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Surgery on your eyes??

The end result sounds very compelling, right? You can't see without aid and then you can. Ok so in doing a little research...have you or anyone you know gotten laser eye surgery? What experiences have you heard from them (or yourself :)) about the outcome?? Halos? Night driving ok? Complications? Complete successes? ...

For those who haven't left one before, there is comment link below, and if you'd like to weigh in your thoughts, I (and my eyes) would greatly appreciate them. :)

Joelle-if you are reading this, I tried to e-mail you a few days ago but it bounced back...what is your e-mail address? :)


Lora Lynn said...

my dad had it done. loves it. andrew wants it, too.

Joelle said...

Hey friend! i am reading this. :) my email is definitely email me so we can discuss eyeballs!

reb said...

Dan just had it done under a month ago. He loves it! He said that when driving at night the lights are brighter, but that is nothing compared to being able to see 20/15!

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