Sunday, February 24, 2008


Holy cow the time has flown...has it really been this long since we've posted?! For those who don't know, we have sold our last dwelling place!

Since the townhouse no longer fit our needs (space-only two masters upstairs and more children in the future [we are NOT pregnant], I mean the closet is probably big enough for small bit of time but...hehe, financially, etc.) it was time. As we are in transition, our belongings sit in storage, and we search for our next home. (We didn't want to buy another place until we knew ours would sell) We have managed to move 5 times in our nearly five years of marriage...we had a condo, then a townhouse, then a single family, then sold it to move back into the townhouse (when we got pregnant), then just sold the townhouse and here we are.

Though we are so proud of ourselves this time...we have color-coded and numbered every box and input the contents into an excel spreadsheet! Pretty good huh? It only took us the 5th time to actually do it, haha.

BabyBoy was testing out the boxes for us, don't worry we didn't pack him :)

Pictures and more exciting things to come in the next post...just wait to hear about Caveboy :)


The Farmer Files said...

Sounds exhausting! Congratulations!

reb said...

Great news! I hope this doesn't mean you are looking out of the area!

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