Friday, February 1, 2008

Our One-Toothed Wonder

BabyBoy and I got home from the grocery store yesterday (to our poor food-poisened Daddy! He is feeling almost all better now) when I put BabyBoy on the floor to play with a toy while I put the groceries away. I handed him a rattle toy, then proceeded to tell and show him a squeeky duck toy that I put next to him just in case he he wanted to play with that one (I mean he has played with toys, dropped them, and picked them back up again, but this was different). As I put the groceries away I heard a little rattling here and there and then just little quiet noises, no rattles anymore. I look over into the family room where BabyBoy has the duck in his hands! That dexterous little bugaboo! :)

He also helps Daddy with his work sometimes :)

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