Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just Say No...

To sweets...ok and any food...I can't (that is a little Yoda-esque) :)

I cannot say no. I try. And I try. I have always had a sweet tooth thanks Mom but I feel as though it has been heightened after the birth of our little guy.

So last Friday we had Dairy Queen! Our usuals - a cookie dough blizzard for Hubby and a peanut butter cup blizzard for me. I followed it by saying that I was not going to have any more sweets for the rest of the weekend! Very adamently, I might add.

We were so blessed to be able to go away for Saturday and Saturday night (Berkeley Springs for a little spa action :)) What did we get for desert after lunch on Saturday??? Yes, you are correct Dairy Queen blizzards.

I felt like I was doing so great back down at my pre-pregnancy weight (though not feeling like I look the same) and now...not so much...but it's winter right...isn't a semi-hibernation natural?


Lora Lynn said...

well, it never all goes back to the same place, but hooray for you getting all that weight off! go girl!

The Farmer Files said...

I am about 3 lbs less than when I got pregnant with my eldest, but I was thinner and a smaller size then. Ugh. Mmmmm I say make your sweets count and don't count your sweets!

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