Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just Say No...

To sweets...ok and any food...I can't (that is a little Yoda-esque) :)

I cannot say no. I try. And I try. I have always had a sweet tooth thanks Mom but I feel as though it has been heightened after the birth of our little guy.

So last Friday we had Dairy Queen! Our usuals - a cookie dough blizzard for Hubby and a peanut butter cup blizzard for me. I followed it by saying that I was not going to have any more sweets for the rest of the weekend! Very adamently, I might add.

We were so blessed to be able to go away for Saturday and Saturday night (Berkeley Springs for a little spa action :)) What did we get for desert after lunch on Saturday??? Yes, you are correct Dairy Queen blizzards.

I felt like I was doing so great back down at my pre-pregnancy weight (though not feeling like I look the same) and now...not so much...but it's winter right...isn't a semi-hibernation natural?

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Holy cow the time has flown...has it really been this long since we've posted?! For those who don't know, we have sold our last dwelling place!

Since the townhouse no longer fit our needs (space-only two masters upstairs and more children in the future [we are NOT pregnant], I mean the closet is probably big enough for small bit of time but...hehe, financially, etc.) it was time. As we are in transition, our belongings sit in storage, and we search for our next home. (We didn't want to buy another place until we knew ours would sell) We have managed to move 5 times in our nearly five years of marriage...we had a condo, then a townhouse, then a single family, then sold it to move back into the townhouse (when we got pregnant), then just sold the townhouse and here we are.

Though we are so proud of ourselves this time...we have color-coded and numbered every box and input the contents into an excel spreadsheet! Pretty good huh? It only took us the 5th time to actually do it, haha.

BabyBoy was testing out the boxes for us, don't worry we didn't pack him :)

Pictures and more exciting things to come in the next post...just wait to hear about Caveboy :)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

One Small Scoot for Man...

One Giant Crawl for Baby Boy!

BabyBoy took his first real crawl forward tonight!

He tends to have his most productive movement sessions, half nakey (right down to his diaper), in his room...or anywhere half nakey really...hehe. And tonight was no different!

Until now, his attempts to get somewhere involved either stretching as hard as he could or rolling closer to his destination (or farther from sometimes...lol). He has been pushing up so high on his arms, doing some rocking here and there (side to side really) and yesterday he pushed up high and pushed himself backwards.

Oh man, are we in trouble now?! Let the baby proofing begin...

Some fun pics :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Surgery on your eyes??

The end result sounds very compelling, right? You can't see without aid and then you can. Ok so in doing a little research...have you or anyone you know gotten laser eye surgery? What experiences have you heard from them (or yourself :)) about the outcome?? Halos? Night driving ok? Complications? Complete successes? ...

For those who haven't left one before, there is comment link below, and if you'd like to weigh in your thoughts, I (and my eyes) would greatly appreciate them. :)

Joelle-if you are reading this, I tried to e-mail you a few days ago but it bounced back...what is your e-mail address? :)

Monday, February 4, 2008

What a day!

First, BabyBoy woke up a little early. I put him in his crib for what I hoped would be a little nap before a MOPS Pancake Breakfast (since it was to be right in the middle of his naptime, but still a good for us to go:)). That didn't happen. But after I got out of the shower (while the baby was still in his crib), Hubby surprised me with a coffee from Starbucks!

Then, when we got to the breakfast, BabyBoy was smiling and babbling with the other little ones his size and age (and their Mommies too), even though he was sleepy. It was so sweet. He fell asleep on me a bit later, so cuddly. :)

We got home around 11:30 am in time for his next meal. Around 12:45 pm I was able to get a walk in appointment with the eye doctor (it has been too long!). BabyBoy's nap is normally around 1:30. I fed him his solid food when we got there, we played, and smiled and giggled for all the ladies there, and he fell asleep on me right around his naptime - what a good boy! The ladies were so impressed with him. Though he did wake up after I tried to lay him on his back in the stroller...he didn't go for it (he is used to sleeping on his tummy). So he woke up and heard people talking and wanted to play so there was no falling back asleep on Mommy. But he sat on my lap for the whole appointment and did great :)

So we got home around 2:30pm, to Daddy in the parking lot (his key was in the lockbox for the home inspection - that is for another blog!). He had a dozen beautiful and fragrant red roses for me! Just because!

BabyBoy woke up around 3:45 pm, ate, and then we all played. When we were preparing for Bible Study and getting the baby ready, BabyBoy was following a toy we were coaxing him with and he rolled over from his back to his tummy!

And we found out, just after our prayer in bible study, that we don't have to pay for 5-6 windows to be replaced, for the home inspection items.

Wow, what a day! Here is BabyBoy several weeks ago, just talking with us in the morning :)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Our One-Toothed Wonder

BabyBoy and I got home from the grocery store yesterday (to our poor food-poisened Daddy! He is feeling almost all better now) when I put BabyBoy on the floor to play with a toy while I put the groceries away. I handed him a rattle toy, then proceeded to tell and show him a squeeky duck toy that I put next to him just in case he he wanted to play with that one (I mean he has played with toys, dropped them, and picked them back up again, but this was different). As I put the groceries away I heard a little rattling here and there and then just little quiet noises, no rattles anymore. I look over into the family room where BabyBoy has the duck in his hands! That dexterous little bugaboo! :)

He also helps Daddy with his work sometimes :)

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