Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sweet Boys Make a Mommy Feel Good

Hubby and BabyBoy started a wonderful morning routine. BabyBoy usually wakes up around 7am or so and we get him from his crib by 7:30am. Hubby normally gets BabyBoy in the morning. After Hubby gets BabyBoy they go downstairs together and get Mommy (me!!) a bowl of cereal. I have no worries that BabyBoy will learn how to be a gentlemen and a man from his Daddy. So while I get to eat my bowl of cereal, Daddy and BabyBoy play.

This morning Hubby and BabyBoy came into our room while I was putting my contacts in, in the bathroom. As I came out, BabyBoy heard me talking and immediately looked over and smiled the biggest smiles. Then begins a little fuss, usually meaning, I see Mommy, I'm hungry, and Mommy means breakfast. So Hubby said, "Do you want Mommy?" As I reached out my hands for BabyBoy , he reached out his hands for me. After he was in my arms the fuss stopped and he hugged me so tight. He just sat there for minutes up on my shoulder, squeezing my neck and arm, and leaning his head against mine. Yeah, it had nothing to do with food! My boys are such a blessing!

Here is a fun laughing moment from early this month :)


Lora Lynn said...

oh so very cute. love those baby hugs, love those giggles. and love to see the mommy in there, too!

Andrew in VA said...

You got the video to work! Way to go, you. I had a wonderful visit with you all, and please keep the updates coming so that I can keep up with everyone. Thanks again for your great welcome and hospitality.

The Felts Family said...

LL & Andrew - we can't get enough of the giggles, we always love seeing your pics and updates too! It was great to see you Andrew, we were honored :) and we look forward to seeing LL next time around! Can't wait to see you ALL soon!

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