Friday, January 25, 2008

Kisses 'n Giggles Before Bed

Nighttime Routine: Play, bath (now usually every other night), milk, book, make sure music is on (classical music - when the classical music is not on then it becomes political radio, lol, he knows all about the hot debate topics and feels informed and ready to vote), prayer and cuddles, crib.

The past several nights (and many naps), after laying BabyBoy in his crib, he usually lays his sweet little head down and turns it towards the wall. Hubby and I lean into his crib and kiss his soft puffy little cheek. BabyBoy responds with a smile. We kiss his cheek again and that sweet spot (you know the one) between his cheek and neck and he smiles and giggles. It is too cute (along with everything else he does - does that feeling continue with each additional child?)! After we get a few more kisses and a few more giggles, we say goodnight, proceed downstairs, turn on the monitor to hear BabyBoy either gently talking himself to sleep or one or two noises and he is asleep (ok not every night but most of time - we tend to remember things through rose-colored glasses right).


Lora Lynn said...

it gets cuter with every kid. but lucky ya'll, you're actually enjoying your first. you are great parents, that's why. and he's precious, of course.

Melanie said...

hes sooooo cute. you both are so lucky! love you!!

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