Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's Emerging

BabyBoy's 1st tooth! He's growing up so fast (yes, we are proud first time parents :)), hee.

Hubby and my inner (and outer) monologue, well muffling under our breath, "Doctor tell us our baby is not teething, we know our baby!, we know something else is going on...tell us he's not teething..." LOL

I don't know if this happened with yours or not but there were a couple weeks that BabyBoy was fussy, waking up in the middle of the night, that different cry that you can just tell that something was hurting. And yes a couple times I got the little guy out of his crib, he laid on my chest and I gave him my knuckle and he just gnawed like crazy. Then of course (being so close to the source) he got hungry...I knew there was going to be no sleeping until we quenched the hunger at that point. So, I fed him :). He was hungry and hurting ok...he needed a litle more cuddling and comfort from Mommy those nights. Then the next week and a half it didn't seem to bother him...then sure enough a few days ago he was fussy in the early evening and had a tough time earlier in the day too, and he had a bit of a fever that night. The next morning I looked and saw that little tip of a tooth almost poking through. Though for some reason he has been waking up around 6am instead of 7/7:30 am? We are going to have to fix that :)

At what age did your little one gets their first tooth and how long for it to come completely through?


Lora Lynn said...

mine did that, too. six months or so we saw the first tooth. and it was different for all, but they started coming pretty rapidly after that.

Carey said...

Isn't teething fun?!?! As with everything else, teething is different for every kid. Madelyn cut her bottom teeth (the middle ones) at 5 months and we didn't see another one until 9.5 months. Pierce cut his bottom two at about 4.5 months and it's been pretty steady since then. He now has 8 pearly whites! But with my kids, they usually came in pairs, so that other bottom one is probably on its way. Also, it seemed to get easier on them after the first two...until the molars.

The Farmer Files said...

Eldest cut two top to look like fangs (no center teeth), then two bottoms, to match at about 7.5 months. Baby cut all 8 at once (I am not kidding) at 8 months. With that, I got into a bad habit of many night time feedings for almost 2 months...sigh...earlier this month I let him cry it out again and it only took 1 night of that to get my sanity back and sleep back.

The Felts Family said...

LL - Glad to know yours did the same, others have they teethed for a several days and then got em. Not off and on.

Carey - wow Pierce is just a little early bird on lots of stuff huh?

R - Oh my gosh, 8 at once? You're just a sweet and caring Mommy!

Did they tend to want more milk while teething? Or drink a little less per time but maybe add an extra every now and then.

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