Friday, January 18, 2008

We're Updating We're Updating!

Ok, so our blog has seemed dorment for a while and we are continually being told by our friends and family that we need to keep the updates coming...we will do better! :)

So...BabyBoy is growing and maturing like crazy (yes maturing). He is saying Mama a ton - not necessarily understanding its true meaning and many times it is when he is upset and uses his "words" to tell us about it (I don't take it personally). He has fun making the "b" sound and then blowing a little to sound like an elephant, as well as very gutteral "g"s, a "da" here and there (though he loves his Daddy more than almost anything), and some "n"s too. He is enjoying his tummy time more and more. He will follow either us or toys to turn 180 degrees. He propels himself forward by putting his knees under him and then pushing. He also reaches like crazy for toys or to try to get to us - he completely extends his body from toes to finger tips and then kicks and flails his hands to try to move forward.

Hubby is enjoying his job as a business developer for the government contractor that he works for. He loves working from home - though I have to be careful how many times I say, "Hubby come quick you have to see this!" His boss is great and he and Hubby are excited to see where he can go with the company.

I am greatly enjoying being home with BabyBoy. Hubby and I just joined a gym and are so excited to get back in shape. I love the classes (the instructors are hard core!) and the hip hop class (oh yeah!). They have childcare as well so Eitan can go for 2 hours a day (he doesn't go that often :)) I have gotten up at 5am to go several times (hopefully that will last); it is very nice to work out in the morning and then come home all ready for the day.

Ok so we'll update more regularly so keep checking in on us!!

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The Farmer Files said... I found your blog! Continue to write that I have two boys, I wish that I would have started blogging with my first. It goes SO SO fast. Blog often! Blog often!

I just saw the picture of the bris. The pictures were a treasure. I love learning more about Jewish customs.

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