Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's Emerging

BabyBoy's 1st tooth! He's growing up so fast (yes, we are proud first time parents :)), hee.

Hubby and my inner (and outer) monologue, well muffling under our breath, "Doctor tell us our baby is not teething, we know our baby!, we know something else is going on...tell us he's not teething..." LOL

I don't know if this happened with yours or not but there were a couple weeks that BabyBoy was fussy, waking up in the middle of the night, that different cry that you can just tell that something was hurting. And yes a couple times I got the little guy out of his crib, he laid on my chest and I gave him my knuckle and he just gnawed like crazy. Then of course (being so close to the source) he got hungry...I knew there was going to be no sleeping until we quenched the hunger at that point. So, I fed him :). He was hungry and hurting ok...he needed a litle more cuddling and comfort from Mommy those nights. Then the next week and a half it didn't seem to bother him...then sure enough a few days ago he was fussy in the early evening and had a tough time earlier in the day too, and he had a bit of a fever that night. The next morning I looked and saw that little tip of a tooth almost poking through. Though for some reason he has been waking up around 6am instead of 7/7:30 am? We are going to have to fix that :)

At what age did your little one gets their first tooth and how long for it to come completely through?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sweet Boys Make a Mommy Feel Good

Hubby and BabyBoy started a wonderful morning routine. BabyBoy usually wakes up around 7am or so and we get him from his crib by 7:30am. Hubby normally gets BabyBoy in the morning. After Hubby gets BabyBoy they go downstairs together and get Mommy (me!!) a bowl of cereal. I have no worries that BabyBoy will learn how to be a gentlemen and a man from his Daddy. So while I get to eat my bowl of cereal, Daddy and BabyBoy play.

This morning Hubby and BabyBoy came into our room while I was putting my contacts in, in the bathroom. As I came out, BabyBoy heard me talking and immediately looked over and smiled the biggest smiles. Then begins a little fuss, usually meaning, I see Mommy, I'm hungry, and Mommy means breakfast. So Hubby said, "Do you want Mommy?" As I reached out my hands for BabyBoy , he reached out his hands for me. After he was in my arms the fuss stopped and he hugged me so tight. He just sat there for minutes up on my shoulder, squeezing my neck and arm, and leaning his head against mine. Yeah, it had nothing to do with food! My boys are such a blessing!

Here is a fun laughing moment from early this month :)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Kisses 'n Giggles Before Bed

Nighttime Routine: Play, bath (now usually every other night), milk, book, make sure music is on (classical music - when the classical music is not on then it becomes political radio, lol, he knows all about the hot debate topics and feels informed and ready to vote), prayer and cuddles, crib.

The past several nights (and many naps), after laying BabyBoy in his crib, he usually lays his sweet little head down and turns it towards the wall. Hubby and I lean into his crib and kiss his soft puffy little cheek. BabyBoy responds with a smile. We kiss his cheek again and that sweet spot (you know the one) between his cheek and neck and he smiles and giggles. It is too cute (along with everything else he does - does that feeling continue with each additional child?)! After we get a few more kisses and a few more giggles, we say goodnight, proceed downstairs, turn on the monitor to hear BabyBoy either gently talking himself to sleep or one or two noises and he is asleep (ok not every night but most of time - we tend to remember things through rose-colored glasses right).

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

About Us

Though I am not as "naturally" caffeinated as my Hubby and BabyBoy, I attempt to keep up!

Here at Naturally Caffeinated Family we try to chronicle our life as a blessed and happy family trying to enjoy life, live for God, and do His work.

Currently we are a family of three looking to add more little goofballs to our life. Our firstborn is 15 months old of pure joy...nearly almost most all of the time.

We recently moved out west and are getting settled in to see what God wants us to do with ourselves. When we find out, we’ll let you know. Enjoy!

Thank you so much for visiting!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

BabyBoy rolled over for the 1st time today! After the first time, he just leaned with his little shoulder and rolled like he had been doing it for years (ok months :)). Click on the picture below to see the video
eits rolls over

It was so great, Hubby was working downstairs so I got to just say (or scream) downstairs, "He rolled over!" and Hubby run upstairs and got to see him do it. He is the best Daddy. I always knew that he would be a great Daddy, but he is even better than I could have ever thought. BabyBoy loves his wrestling sessions with Daddy, when Daddy is a goof ball along with BabyBoy when changing his diaper (BabyBoy's that is), during feeding time, playing peek a boo, I could really go on and on but I'll save it for other posts too :) Poor little bug has had a stuffy nose for the past couple days, but it is so sweet because he is still smiling, giggling, and laughing all day long (ok most of the day). He has such a sweet demeanor...a strong personality too, we can really his independence coming out, but so sweet. He has had the Gerber puffs as finger food and now he has had some cheerios too. He either guides our hands to his mouth or he'll pick it up off of his tray and attempt to put it in his mouth on his own, sometimes successful. He gnaws on them between his gums and eats them like a little boy. Occasionally, it will get stuck on the back of his tongue and he'll cough and it pops back to the front of his mouth, so cute. He is such a good boy!

Friday, January 18, 2008

We're Updating We're Updating!

Ok, so our blog has seemed dorment for a while and we are continually being told by our friends and family that we need to keep the updates coming...we will do better! :)

So...BabyBoy is growing and maturing like crazy (yes maturing). He is saying Mama a ton - not necessarily understanding its true meaning and many times it is when he is upset and uses his "words" to tell us about it (I don't take it personally). He has fun making the "b" sound and then blowing a little to sound like an elephant, as well as very gutteral "g"s, a "da" here and there (though he loves his Daddy more than almost anything), and some "n"s too. He is enjoying his tummy time more and more. He will follow either us or toys to turn 180 degrees. He propels himself forward by putting his knees under him and then pushing. He also reaches like crazy for toys or to try to get to us - he completely extends his body from toes to finger tips and then kicks and flails his hands to try to move forward.

Hubby is enjoying his job as a business developer for the government contractor that he works for. He loves working from home - though I have to be careful how many times I say, "Hubby come quick you have to see this!" His boss is great and he and Hubby are excited to see where he can go with the company.

I am greatly enjoying being home with BabyBoy. Hubby and I just joined a gym and are so excited to get back in shape. I love the classes (the instructors are hard core!) and the hip hop class (oh yeah!). They have childcare as well so Eitan can go for 2 hours a day (he doesn't go that often :)) I have gotten up at 5am to go several times (hopefully that will last); it is very nice to work out in the morning and then come home all ready for the day.

Ok so we'll update more regularly so keep checking in on us!!

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