Monday, July 9, 2007

Monday July 9, 2007


He had a great night last night! This morning when we arrived, we saw a case manager. She said, I heard from Dr. Hilliard that BabyBoy is doing really well and might go home in a few days. I couldn't help but have quite a look on my face...a few days??? After we fed him and changed his diaper we got to see Dr. Hilliard. She said yes he is doing so well, he can probably go home tomorrow. (He had already been on clear fluids since yesterday around 4 or 5pm) We looked at her with a...tomorrow?...face. We said what about today? She said do you want him to come home tonight...yes! was our immediate answer! She said well I think we can do that. So she said she would call the surgeon to remove the central line (the only reason he was still there). So we sat and waited. After a couple hours, they (Dr. H and nurses) said that the nurse practitioner was in the next room and we could flag her down when she was done to take it out. After another couple hours, the nurse practitioner came in, and ended up saying she couldn't remove it. The doctor came back in and said she had forgotten that it needed to be removed by a surgeon so we would have to track down Dr. Suiter. Our nurse paged him once, nothing for another couple hours. She paged him again an hour or so later and we had to go eat lunch (around 3:30 pm, we couldn't eat before that bc it seemed like things were moving and we wanted to be there). When we came back we saw Dr. Suiter at BabyBoy's bedside. I could not help crying because this meant that our baby could come home.

He passed his hearing test today before he left. He passed his Carseat Challange last night - he had to sit in his carseat for 90 was very funny and cute!

We were finally home together as a family around 5pm. We are already so much more relaxed and have so much more energy. We got about the same amount of sleep last night that we have been getting but we feel much more rested now - no more traveling to and from the hospital, getting up every three hours is now to feed BabyBoy - not pump, and no more stresses of getting ready to rush to the hospital and spend our days and nights in a hospital.

All Praise and Glory to God!!!

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