Monday, July 2, 2007

BabyBoy's Second Week in the Hospital - Sunday

July 1, 2007 - Sunday
A big day! We arrived a little before 9 am. Morning Nurse: Beverly. Evening Nurse: Margaret. When we first arrived the nurse practitioner was just going to review his xray. It looked good, a little extra air in his tummy and little in a lower organ but we could still start him on Pedialyte and see how it goes!! She said he'd probably start with 5 ccs. After she listened to his belly she said it sounded so great (lots of gurgley sounds) that she'd start him with 10 ccs! We got to feed him and he did great! A little at a time to introduce him to drinking and swallowing liquid. No spitups! Daddy fed him at noon and he did great again! No spitups at all. He is doing so fantastic! Also, his bilirubin count went down so much that he got to come off of the lights too! Now he gets to be swaddled again and be a little more comfortable. He was awake for such a long time after we fed him, we had so much fun! Every now and then he would look around for more food but would have to wait. Now he gets to have the Pedialyte every three hours, increased a little each time over the next 24 hours. Maybe we'll get to start him on breastmilk tomorrow! Well in the evening he had a little spit (with green in it - from below the belly - not so good) so they held his 6pm feeding. We fed him again at 9pm and had a great time with him! Throughout the night he had a few more little spitups so the doctor said to hold the rest of the feedings:( It is very difficult because it feels like a step back but all in God's timing.

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