Sunday, July 8, 2007

BabyBoy's Third Week in the Hospital - Sunday

July 8, 2007 - Sunday

Morning nurse: Emmy/Amy. Evening nurse: . Another great day!!! Emmy said first thing that Allison just loved him (and us) last night and that he did very well. Dr. Hillard did her rounds earlier in the morning and asked Emmy how he was doing. She said great and that he was taking the feeds fantastically and still looking for more. Dr. Hillard said, well...up him to 50 ccs, cut him loose and see how he does. So they lowered his TPN to 2 ccs/hr (the lowest they'll do)! He took 50 at 8 am, another 50 with us at 11am. (Dr. Beck, another neonatologist, came by earlier and asked how BabyBoy was doing - we had him a couple nights last week - and we told him how it was going and he said, I would start pushing now... :))

He was doing so well they said they were going to move him from room 2 to room 1!!! That is such big news! No waiting on that, a little after 12:30 pm they moved him to his new room. Emmy said that she thought he could do 60 at his next feeding. So at 2 pm we fed him 60 and he did great.

We asked if we could see and talk to Dr. Hillard, so one of the nurses was great and found her for us. She came over and started the rundown of what she was thinking. She said he was doing very well and that we would start him on the clear fluids tonight (after the TPN ran out). Hubby told her he just took 60 ccs and she said, oh, that's great. We asked when his CVL (central IV line) would be taken out, she was saying maybe sometime tomorrow. She kept saying ok, let's see what else. We told her we got his pediatrician - done. :) We said we would bring his carseat in tomorrow for his carseat test (he has to sit in the carseat for 1 1/2 hours. So I asked, so he could probably get his CVL out early afternoon tomorrow, in which case she said yeah that would work. She said she would try to get him tomorrow (she will :)) and reevaluate him in the morning and if he did well tonight, go ahead and have the CVL taken out, he would have to have a hearing test. She asked who had him last week - Dr. Tribble - and said oh yeah she is still out, so yeah I'll get him tomorrow and then probably be able to see him through discharge!!!!!! That means he might be coming home tomorrow!!!!! Please continue to pray that BabyBoy has a great night tonight and that everything rolls tomorrow and he gets to come home!!!


Lora said...

Very good news! He sounds like a trooper! Hang in there, guys, you're almost there!

Kay said...

oh my! Your excitement is contagious!!! I can't wait to see LOTS of pictures of Dina at home with her two Eugenes!!!

Bethany said...

That's so great! It was good to see you all last week!! Let us know if we can do anything to help you.

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