Saturday, July 7, 2007

BabyBoy's Third Week in the Hospital - Saturday

July 7, 2007 - Saturday

Great day! Morning nurse: Emmy. Evening nurse: Allison. He did so well last night! When we saw Dr. Hillard this morning right before his 11 am feeding, she said oh go ahead and increase him to 30 ccs for the 11 o'clock feeding (was going to be for the 2pm)! Emmy is so fantastic. She calls BabyBoy her little prince. She made him a special bed, with a boppy. He has had some good poops, still great bowel sounds, and everything is just moving along. When we asked Allison if he would be increased to 35 ccs at 11pm she said she just had the orders for 30. We asked if she could ask and she was so great and called the neonatologist that was on that evening and told him what Dr. Hillard said and he asked how BabyBoy was doing. She said he was doing great, took the 30 ccs, and was still looking for food. He said go ahead and increase him to 35 at 11 pm and we'll see how he does. Each time they increase his feeding they lower the TPN, amount of fluid he gets through his central IV line (CVL). The lower that gets the better! Thank you God for a great day!

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