Thursday, July 5, 2007

BabyBoy's Second Week in the Hospital - Thursday

July 5, 2007 - Thursday

Morning nurse: Shannon. Evening nurse: Becky, Beth.
*A small spit up early this morning, but Joanne said she wasn't going to worry about it. Dr. Tribble, the neonatologist, said that same thing. Since his small intestines have not really had to work before, they would not worry about tiny spit ups, as long as they are not big and consistent, and keep making his intestines work (we agree!)

*He was moved into an open crib today. Shannon found a nice big crib for him; they wanted him to have a bigger crib because he still has the central IV line in.

*Dr. Tribble said that because he was doing well, BabyBoy could breastfeed for the first 5 minutes of two of his feedings a day, as long as I pumped first!

*We are completely trusting God and see how we need to all day every day, especially depending on who is taking care of him. We were also blantently told today that when new doctors come on and especially over the weekend with new doctors that progress can slow down. He will also many new nurse of the next several days (and has already had some new ones earlier this week). It is difficult because even though they get briefed, some of them still seem like they don't know his case or are as comfortable. A day or so ago one nurse saw a little spit up and went straight to the Dr. and said we should hold his feeds huh? And they held them for six hours. Another nurse saw a small spit up and said you know what, it's tiny, not a big deal, and he needs to keep eating. That is so disheartening, but we keep putting our trust in God and know that he is working it all out. Dr. Tribble said that because he was doing well and if she saw that he continued to do well, instead of just increasing his breastmilk feedings by 5ccs a day (he is currently at 10 ccs), that she might inrease him 5 ccs twice a day (which means home sooner). With a new doctor, they might see things differently, she said, that his "gut feeling" might be different. Pray that the new doctors "gut feelings" are the same and that they don't have to watch him for a while before feeling comfortable increasing his feeds (and feel the same way about a small spit up). Please also pray that that BabyBoy's intestines work wonderfully and the doctors will increase his feeds consistently so he can get the central IV line taken out and come home sooner than later (some are saying it may still be up to two weeks-oh my goodness)!!!

*As we are writing this - we got another update - he just got increased to 15 ccs :) His nurse said that he is so cute and sweet :) Thank you God.

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Anonymous said...

We love you guys so much...we pray for you all the time. We love your blog...this is wonderful. I don't see how you guys do it all, but enjoy all the little notes from you. Keep up the great work! (I have been praying for energy for the both of you!) Love, Cheyenne

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