Tuesday, July 24, 2007

BabyBoy is Home!

BabyBoy has been home for two weeks! It has been so wonderful! He is doing so well. He makes us laugh every single day. He is eating well and sleeping well. He is eating every three hours, has some awake time - reading or talking with Mommy and Daddy, and then goes back to sleep in his crib. Poor little guy has acid reflux (is on two medications) so we are working on getting his tummy stronger so he doesn't spit up so much.

He is so alert. He loves reading (looking at) books and following our voices and toys with his eyes and head. His neck is getting so strong already too. He has starting making a few (talking) sounds other than crying.

He really doesn't cry too much, only when he needs to be burped or has extra gas that hurts his tummy. Over the past couple days he has gotten a little more hip to the fact that he is in his crib when he wants to be awake (what he doens't know now is that he has probably been up too long is overly tired) so he'll cry for a bit. Sometimes he'll cry for two minutes or less and then is out. Sometimes he crys for quite a bit of the beginning of his nap. We'll see if he needs anything, diaper change, or if he spit up; sometimes we'll pick him up, burp him, and put him back down. Sometimes we'll go in after a bit and comfort him and he'll fall asleep very soon after.

Everytime we look at him, check on him in his crib, play with him during awake time, really all the time we say, "He is sooo cute!!!" (no bias or anything :))

Click on the picture below for pictures of BabyBoy at home :)

Baby Eugene is Home! - July

Bris for Baby Eugene

On July 15 we had a Bris for BabyBoy - Brit milah (Hebrew: בְרִית מִילָה [bə'rīt mī'lā] literally: "covenant [of] circumcision") is a religious ceremony within Judaism that welcomes infant Jewish boys into a covenant between God and the Children of Israel through circumcision performed by a mohel ("circumciser") in the presence of family and friends, followed by a celebratory meal.

It was a very special day, shared with family and friends (with Mommy's family there in spirit). During the ceremony, BabyBoy received his Hebrew name - Eitan Yitzhak. Eitan (AY tahn)means strength and Yitzhak means laughter (quite fitting :)).

BabyBoy English name is after Hubby's family so we honored my family with his Hebrew name. His first name, Eitan, is after my mom; her Hebrew name is Shoshanna. There is no male equivalent to the name so we went to the meaning behind the name. Shoshanna was a courageous woman. My Aunt Sarah and cousin Yael, who live in Israel, helped us with names that meant courage or strength. And that is what Eitan means - strength. His middle name, Yitzhak, is after my Poppop (her dad's dad). His first name was Lawrence. Yitzhak means laughter and is so fitting to the whole family (and Poppop was a very funny guy with such a welcoming smile)! My middle name is the female equivalent to Yitzhak which also means laughter.

Click on the picture below to see a picture album!
Bris for Baby Eugene

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