Tuesday, July 24, 2007

BabyBoy is Home!

BabyBoy has been home for two weeks! It has been so wonderful! He is doing so well. He makes us laugh every single day. He is eating well and sleeping well. He is eating every three hours, has some awake time - reading or talking with Mommy and Daddy, and then goes back to sleep in his crib. Poor little guy has acid reflux (is on two medications) so we are working on getting his tummy stronger so he doesn't spit up so much.

He is so alert. He loves reading (looking at) books and following our voices and toys with his eyes and head. His neck is getting so strong already too. He has starting making a few (talking) sounds other than crying.

He really doesn't cry too much, only when he needs to be burped or has extra gas that hurts his tummy. Over the past couple days he has gotten a little more hip to the fact that he is in his crib when he wants to be awake (what he doens't know now is that he has probably been up too long is overly tired) so he'll cry for a bit. Sometimes he'll cry for two minutes or less and then is out. Sometimes he crys for quite a bit of the beginning of his nap. We'll see if he needs anything, diaper change, or if he spit up; sometimes we'll pick him up, burp him, and put him back down. Sometimes we'll go in after a bit and comfort him and he'll fall asleep very soon after.

Everytime we look at him, check on him in his crib, play with him during awake time, really all the time we say, "He is sooo cute!!!" (no bias or anything :))

Click on the picture below for pictures of BabyBoy at home :)

Baby Eugene is Home! - July

Bris for Baby Eugene

On July 15 we had a Bris for BabyBoy - Brit milah (Hebrew: בְרִית מִילָה [bə'rīt mī'lā] literally: "covenant [of] circumcision") is a religious ceremony within Judaism that welcomes infant Jewish boys into a covenant between God and the Children of Israel through circumcision performed by a mohel ("circumciser") in the presence of family and friends, followed by a celebratory meal.

It was a very special day, shared with family and friends (with Mommy's family there in spirit). During the ceremony, BabyBoy received his Hebrew name - Eitan Yitzhak. Eitan (AY tahn)means strength and Yitzhak means laughter (quite fitting :)).

BabyBoy English name is after Hubby's family so we honored my family with his Hebrew name. His first name, Eitan, is after my mom; her Hebrew name is Shoshanna. There is no male equivalent to the name so we went to the meaning behind the name. Shoshanna was a courageous woman. My Aunt Sarah and cousin Yael, who live in Israel, helped us with names that meant courage or strength. And that is what Eitan means - strength. His middle name, Yitzhak, is after my Poppop (her dad's dad). His first name was Lawrence. Yitzhak means laughter and is so fitting to the whole family (and Poppop was a very funny guy with such a welcoming smile)! My middle name is the female equivalent to Yitzhak which also means laughter.

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Bris for Baby Eugene

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thank yous!!!

A huge thank you to Mom (my mom) for coming to our house every few days and doing the dishes, the laundry (you leave the house in the morning with baskets of dirty clothes and when you get home at night they are washed, folded, hung, and put away...amazing!), cleaning, taking the trash, going grocery shopping, and shopping for other odds and ends, and brings us food (and fresh cut up fruit)!!! She has been an amazing help!

Another huge thank you to our friends for completing so many projects in our house before the baby was born (actually the morning of the day he was born :)). They painted, put together furniture for the BabyBoy's room, cleaned up the basement, put together the guest room downstairs, put together the den in the basement, and did more than we could have hoped for.

Thank you so much to all of our friends for bringing us meals throughout our time at the hospital and when I was on bedrest. They have been an absolutely enormous blessing and have really helped keep us energized. And thank you to Aunt Dottie for sending some fun magazines while I was on bedrest :)

Thank you to everyone who has been on your knees praying for us and BabyBoy. There is no way his recovery would have been so amazingly quick without our family, friends, Immanuel Bible Church, and McLean Bible Church praying for our family! It brings tears to our eyes to know how much you have cared for and supported us during this time and throughout our whole pregnancy!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Monday July 9, 2007


He had a great night last night! This morning when we arrived, we saw a case manager. She said, I heard from Dr. Hilliard that BabyBoy is doing really well and might go home in a few days. I couldn't help but have quite a look on my face...a few days??? After we fed him and changed his diaper we got to see Dr. Hilliard. She said yes he is doing so well, he can probably go home tomorrow. (He had already been on clear fluids since yesterday around 4 or 5pm) We looked at her with a...tomorrow?...face. We said what about today? She said do you want him to come home tonight...yes! was our immediate answer! She said well I think we can do that. So she said she would call the surgeon to remove the central line (the only reason he was still there). So we sat and waited. After a couple hours, they (Dr. H and nurses) said that the nurse practitioner was in the next room and we could flag her down when she was done to take it out. After another couple hours, the nurse practitioner came in, and ended up saying she couldn't remove it. The doctor came back in and said she had forgotten that it needed to be removed by a surgeon so we would have to track down Dr. Suiter. Our nurse paged him once, nothing for another couple hours. She paged him again an hour or so later and we had to go eat lunch (around 3:30 pm, we couldn't eat before that bc it seemed like things were moving and we wanted to be there). When we came back we saw Dr. Suiter at BabyBoy's bedside. I could not help crying because this meant that our baby could come home.

He passed his hearing test today before he left. He passed his Carseat Challange last night - he had to sit in his carseat for 90 minutes...it was very funny and cute!

We were finally home together as a family around 5pm. We are already so much more relaxed and have so much more energy. We got about the same amount of sleep last night that we have been getting but we feel much more rested now - no more traveling to and from the hospital, getting up every three hours is now to feed BabyBoy - not pump, and no more stresses of getting ready to rush to the hospital and spend our days and nights in a hospital.

All Praise and Glory to God!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

BabyBoy's Third Week in the Hospital - Sunday

July 8, 2007 - Sunday

Morning nurse: Emmy/Amy. Evening nurse: . Another great day!!! Emmy said first thing that Allison just loved him (and us) last night and that he did very well. Dr. Hillard did her rounds earlier in the morning and asked Emmy how he was doing. She said great and that he was taking the feeds fantastically and still looking for more. Dr. Hillard said, well...up him to 50 ccs, cut him loose and see how he does. So they lowered his TPN to 2 ccs/hr (the lowest they'll do)! He took 50 at 8 am, another 50 with us at 11am. (Dr. Beck, another neonatologist, came by earlier and asked how BabyBoy was doing - we had him a couple nights last week - and we told him how it was going and he said, I would start pushing now... :))

He was doing so well they said they were going to move him from room 2 to room 1!!! That is such big news! No waiting on that, a little after 12:30 pm they moved him to his new room. Emmy said that she thought he could do 60 at his next feeding. So at 2 pm we fed him 60 and he did great.

We asked if we could see and talk to Dr. Hillard, so one of the nurses was great and found her for us. She came over and started the rundown of what she was thinking. She said he was doing very well and that we would start him on the clear fluids tonight (after the TPN ran out). Hubby told her he just took 60 ccs and she said, oh, that's great. We asked when his CVL (central IV line) would be taken out, she was saying maybe sometime tomorrow. She kept saying ok, let's see what else. We told her we got his pediatrician - done. :) We said we would bring his carseat in tomorrow for his carseat test (he has to sit in the carseat for 1 1/2 hours. So I asked, so he could probably get his CVL out early afternoon tomorrow, in which case she said yeah that would work. She said she would try to get him tomorrow (she will :)) and reevaluate him in the morning and if he did well tonight, go ahead and have the CVL taken out, he would have to have a hearing test. She asked who had him last week - Dr. Tribble - and said oh yeah she is still out, so yeah I'll get him tomorrow and then probably be able to see him through discharge!!!!!! That means he might be coming home tomorrow!!!!! Please continue to pray that BabyBoy has a great night tonight and that everything rolls tomorrow and he gets to come home!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

BabyBoy's Third Week in the Hospital - Saturday

July 7, 2007 - Saturday

Great day! Morning nurse: Emmy. Evening nurse: Allison. He did so well last night! When we saw Dr. Hillard this morning right before his 11 am feeding, she said oh go ahead and increase him to 30 ccs for the 11 o'clock feeding (was going to be for the 2pm)! Emmy is so fantastic. She calls BabyBoy her little prince. She made him a special bed, with a boppy. He has had some good poops, still great bowel sounds, and everything is just moving along. When we asked Allison if he would be increased to 35 ccs at 11pm she said she just had the orders for 30. We asked if she could ask and she was so great and called the neonatologist that was on that evening and told him what Dr. Hillard said and he asked how BabyBoy was doing. She said he was doing great, took the 30 ccs, and was still looking for food. He said go ahead and increase him to 35 at 11 pm and we'll see how he does. Each time they increase his feeding they lower the TPN, amount of fluid he gets through his central IV line (CVL). The lower that gets the better! Thank you God for a great day!

Friday, July 6, 2007

BabyBoy's Second Week in the Hospital - Friday

July 6, 2007 - Friday

Morning nurse: Margaret (different than other Margaret). Evening nurse: Gladys.
Margaret said that he is such a sweet and easy baby! He had a great night at his 15 ccs. The neonatologist, Dr. Hillard, came by while we were with him around 11 am. She listened to his belly and said that he was doing great. We asked that since he was doing so well, we were told that he may be able to be increased by 5 ccs twice a day and she said...yeah that sounds fine. So she wrote the order to raise him to 20 ccs for the 2pm feeding and up by 5 ccs every 12 hours! :) This early evening he had a little spit up, so the nurse said we'll see how he does the next two feedings and then if all goes well, we'll raise him to the 25 ccs at 2am.

Just keep praying that his intestines keep working so well. Dr. Hillard said that sometimes with rapid increased feeds there can be stalls, so we pray that he just keeps on going and gets to come home soon!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

BabyBoy's Second Week in the Hospital - Thursday

July 5, 2007 - Thursday

Morning nurse: Shannon. Evening nurse: Becky, Beth.
*A small spit up early this morning, but Joanne said she wasn't going to worry about it. Dr. Tribble, the neonatologist, said that same thing. Since his small intestines have not really had to work before, they would not worry about tiny spit ups, as long as they are not big and consistent, and keep making his intestines work (we agree!)

*He was moved into an open crib today. Shannon found a nice big crib for him; they wanted him to have a bigger crib because he still has the central IV line in.

*Dr. Tribble said that because he was doing well, BabyBoy could breastfeed for the first 5 minutes of two of his feedings a day, as long as I pumped first!

*We are completely trusting God and see how we need to all day every day, especially depending on who is taking care of him. We were also blantently told today that when new doctors come on and especially over the weekend with new doctors that progress can slow down. He will also many new nurse of the next several days (and has already had some new ones earlier this week). It is difficult because even though they get briefed, some of them still seem like they don't know his case or are as comfortable. A day or so ago one nurse saw a little spit up and went straight to the Dr. and said we should hold his feeds huh? And they held them for six hours. Another nurse saw a small spit up and said you know what, it's tiny, not a big deal, and he needs to keep eating. That is so disheartening, but we keep putting our trust in God and know that he is working it all out. Dr. Tribble said that because he was doing well and if she saw that he continued to do well, instead of just increasing his breastmilk feedings by 5ccs a day (he is currently at 10 ccs), that she might inrease him 5 ccs twice a day (which means home sooner). With a new doctor, they might see things differently, she said, that his "gut feeling" might be different. Pray that the new doctors "gut feelings" are the same and that they don't have to watch him for a while before feeling comfortable increasing his feeds (and feel the same way about a small spit up). Please also pray that that BabyBoy's intestines work wonderfully and the doctors will increase his feeds consistently so he can get the central IV line taken out and come home sooner than later (some are saying it may still be up to two weeks-oh my goodness)!!!

*As we are writing this - we got another update - he just got increased to 15 ccs :) His nurse said that he is so cute and sweet :) Thank you God.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

BabyBoy's Second Week in the Hospital - Wednesday

July 4, 2007 - Wednesday

Morning nurse: Shannon. Evening nurse: Joanne. Yay God and BabyBoy, no spit ups all night and morning! We fed him his 5ccs of Pedialyte around 11 am. He is doing so well. Dr. Tribble came by and said that since he was doing well, we would go 4 feedings of 10 ccs and then see how he did overnight and maybe breastmilk tomorrow. When we saw her a little later she said that she was going to give him the benefit of the doubt and give him 2 more feedings of 10 ccs of Pedialyte and if no spit ups then breastmilk at 8pm!!! In a 48 hour period he only had one little spit up and had a good poop yesterday, so we think it's a great call :) We fed him his 10 ccs at 2pm and are waiting now. Yay! 10 ccs of breastmilk at 8pm!!! He drank it so fast! Again, pray for no spit ups and a good xray in the morning! Thank you God!

BabyBoy's Second Week in the Hospital - Tuesday

July 3, 2007 - Tuesday

Morning nurse: Beth. Evening nurse: Joanne. No spit ups all night, though right when we were going to feed him just before 11 am he had a little spit up. Dr. Tribble, the neonatologist, said she would hold his feedings for 6 hours and if hasn't spit up then we'll go again. :( So, we gave BabyBoy his bath. He's so cute. We held him and played with him for hours and he was so alert. He was looking at Mommy and Daddy with wide beautiful eyes. We made it to 5 pm so we got to feed him his 5 ccs of Pedialyte! Again, pray for no spit ups through the night and morning. :)

Monday, July 2, 2007

BabyBoy's Second Week in the Hospital - Monday

July 2, 2007 - Monday
Day nurse: Beverly. Evening nurse: Joanne. A couple of (greenish) spit ups last night through this morning. The neonatologist said that she wasn't that worried about them though we still wanted to wait to start more feedings. We would have to wait until the evening nurse started (7:30 pm) and if he had not had any green spit ups by then, we could start feeding him again. His xray today looked good, no dialated belly, which is great, means that things are not building up in there! Lots of great bowel sounds still. Yay, BabyBoy gets to try again. We got to feed him 5 ccs (really closer to 10 ccs) a little after 8 pm. He was so alert and awake playing with us after we fed him, he is so funny and so much fun! (we heard some good toots too while we were holding him :) ) Pray for no green spit ups!

BabyBoy's Second Week in the Hospital - Sunday

July 1, 2007 - Sunday
A big day! We arrived a little before 9 am. Morning Nurse: Beverly. Evening Nurse: Margaret. When we first arrived the nurse practitioner was just going to review his xray. It looked good, a little extra air in his tummy and little in a lower organ but we could still start him on Pedialyte and see how it goes!! She said he'd probably start with 5 ccs. After she listened to his belly she said it sounded so great (lots of gurgley sounds) that she'd start him with 10 ccs! We got to feed him and he did great! A little at a time to introduce him to drinking and swallowing liquid. No spitups! Daddy fed him at noon and he did great again! No spitups at all. He is doing so fantastic! Also, his bilirubin count went down so much that he got to come off of the lights too! Now he gets to be swaddled again and be a little more comfortable. He was awake for such a long time after we fed him, we had so much fun! Every now and then he would look around for more food but would have to wait. Now he gets to have the Pedialyte every three hours, increased a little each time over the next 24 hours. Maybe we'll get to start him on breastmilk tomorrow! Well in the evening he had a little spit (with green in it - from below the belly - not so good) so they held his 6pm feeding. We fed him again at 9pm and had a great time with him! Throughout the night he had a few more little spitups so the doctor said to hold the rest of the feedings:( It is very difficult because it feels like a step back but all in God's timing.

BabyBoy's Second Week in the Hospital - Saturday

June 30, 2007 - Saturday

Arrived at hospital around 10:30 am. Day nurse - Beverly. Night nurse: Amy. He is still under the phototherapy for jaundice. The other type of count for his jaundice is also high so they started him on a medication for it (help with liver). We sat and watched baby boy for a couple hours and then got to change his diaper, take his temp., and hold him! He looks so good! After Dr. Suiter came to see him this morning, he recommended to take the replogle tube out! Last tube gone! The prayer is for BabyBoy not to throw up and for everything to move south through his tummy and to the diaper :) A doctor came by after reviewing his xray from today and said that it looked completely normal - lots of great gas patterns, which means everything is working and moving in the right direction. He got to spend time in the evening with Grandma too.

Left: Daddy taking temperature, Baby Eugene holding Mommy's finger. Right: Hangin' with Grandma and Mommy

The nurse told us that the doctors and nurses are so impressed with how quickly he is recovering - he is recovering much more quickly than others in his situation!!!

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